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  • Aiden's been in his own room since 10 weeks but one of us sleeps in there too. I know it's harder for you as you haven't got your OH sharing the nights - I really don't know what I'd do if I wasn't getting a sleep every other night! I've decided to wind up the breastfeeding after the weekend as he's just not satisfied anymore. We've been combination feeding since 6 weeks and he settles much better after a bottle feed. Ah, the dreaded 4 month sleep regression - I hope Harper settles down for you soon!!
    He's been sleeping a bit better, thanks. Waking at 3.30am but has gone back down after feeding until 7am the last few days which is amazing progress - we just have to keep slogging on! How is Harper doing?
    How did Harper sleep last night? My husband was on duty - Aiden went down at 8pm and wasn't fed until 4am!! He was making noise from 11pm but OH didn't get up to him AND he's still asleep now from 4.30am!!!!
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