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  • Hiya pumpkin, congrats!! I'm doing good, really happy. I'm tired and getting waves of feeling sick but nothing too bad. How you feeling? Xxx
    Aaww thanks Gail, I'm delighted but not had an easy tri 1 again, had a lot of bleeding which is worrying but had some scans and baby doing ok so far. Hope to see you back in tri 1 soon xxx
    Aw bet she'll be over the moon for you!! I've only just told people this week! Told my parents on Sunday then his family Wednesday when we went up to visit. So nice to finally have everyone knowing!!! Been so hard keeping it a secret!! Especially as I've got a noticeable bump already... Been living in floaty tops!!
    Glad you're feeling more positive, reckon that's def a good sign :) xxx
    For some reason I actually do feel more relaxed and positive about this pregnancy. Last time I had brown discharge as implantation which then carried on in my early weeks, I've not had any implantation discharge this time so I think that's a good sign.

    Can't believe you're 14 weeks already that's flown in. Did you wait till 12 weeks to tell people? It's near impossible for me to get to that stage without telling people as everyone will just guess with me not drinking. Telling my sis tomoz so excited for that xxx
    Really pleased for you :) I've basically just not been stressing this time, and been trying to think positively and even planning a bit etc. I've not done much exercise but starting pregnancy yoga and swimming now im in tri2.
    Think the positive thinking has helped a lot- its easy to panic when you've had a loss.
    Fx things will stay smooth & stress free for both of us! xxx
    Thanks Naomi, so happy. How's your pregnancy been going this time? Have you been doing anything different to last time? Xxx
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