your all going to think im mad!


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Apr 19, 2005
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i think iv realised that i dont want this baby. i feel like my lifes been ruined and i know that you all prob think that when i see her it will all change but im not so sure.
dont get me wrong i love her to pieces but i just dont think i can do this on my own. i feel like such a bitch and a bad mother but i have felt like this for a while at first i thought that it was probably just a phase of hormones upsetting me but i dont understand how i can feel like this when im this far gone
You really need to talk to your doctor or midwife about this. Also your partner. Perhaps try the online midwife. Thinking of you

I am sure these feelings will pass, pregnancy does some awful things to our emotions and with the birth creeping up it all gets very daunting.

Speak to people around you, get some support and love and they will reassure you that you are fine.

Lots of love
I do think you need to talk to your doctor or midwife about this. It could be your hormones or it could be a bit of depression setting in.

I think a lot of first time pregnant women do have feelings that they won't be able to cope and worry that they are too young. I'm in my thirties and I worry that I won't have a clue what to do. I read in another of your posts that you are a teenager and single parent, so I can't imagine how difficult and confusing it is for you.

Try to take your mind off the feelings you are having, because whatever happens you are going to have that baby! It's too late to change your mind. Any decisions on what you will do when the baby is born will depend on your feelings at the time when you see baby, so you don't need to make your mind up yet.

The main thing is that you look after yourself and the little one until the birth. Eat well and talk to the dr or midwife about your feelings. It's not a crime to feel this way, so don't feel like you are a bad person, you just need to figure things out.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Hi So confused Im sorry to hear about how you have been feeling.
I do a lot of councelling work for verious organisations, so if you feel you want someone impartial to talk to feel free.
What exactly are your concerns? is it a fear of how you will cope with the baby, or how its going to affect your life/relationships/future plans?

Aw bless. I have every sympathy with you. Im 30 weeks pregnant with my first child, and although its something ive always wanted, I really underestimated the impact it would have on my life! Everything has changed, watch what you eat/drink/do etc etc. I thought i would bloom in pregnancy but i really cant wait to get him/her out so that I can be me again.

You really need to talk to someone, dont be embarresed.


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