xbox 360?

No, OH is waiting for the PS3 instead. :roll: :)
Nope, can't see what all the fuss is about :?

On a much more serious note, did anyone get Take That tickets??? :lol:
AW Tankett I'm gutted, I completely forgot! Apparently they sold out in 3 hours. I'm looking out for an extra date... I'll be straight in there.
I've just been talking to some people at work, and they have bought 60 between them!! They're going to sell them on Ebay - they are already going for £180 a pair!!! (Take That tickets, not Xbox's!)
£180!!!!! That's rediculous!!!!!!!
Come on extra dates!!!! :lol:
Sorry daddy, we've taken over your x box post!
So, did you/ are you getting one?
no i dont have one lol

but i hve money waiting ot buy one , just trying to find one without paying ridiculous amounts on ebay
Good luck with the search Dan, I don't think they'll get it sorted till after Christmas. If I was being cynical I'd say that by only releasing a certain number all of which seem to have been pre-ordered and therefore creating a demand they are trying to boost their sales and take as much of the market as they can before the PS3 comes out. But what kind of company would do that????

Hope you get one though, ask Santa though that depends on whether you have been a good boy or not :D
i work at GAME so i got my 360 disocounted hehe! we had 40 in stock, all preordered, i feel lucky to have one! we had 3 core systems left over yesterday when i left work.
I got condemed and need for speed most wanted with mine and they both RULE! i have the whole weekend to play it now... ahh the joys of working in a game shop! lol!
by the way dan, were not getting any til feb.. just to let you know. All our stores are the same, maybe gamestation will.. :) good luck dan!

i look so fat in my uniform but
just bought one , cost me bloody £500 with need for speed and call of duty 2 :lol:

dont ind only £140 over shop price :lol:

pain in the arse my cashpoint withdrawl is only £500 a day , so gona buy another one off him 2moz lol
Melanieyeah you must be mad I'd have sold that on ebay they are going for fortunes!!! :)

I'm gutted I didn't buy Take That tickets to sell....I don't really agree with that kind of thing but and extra £500 quid this side of Christmas would be very helpful!

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