wot is wrong with me??

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Sarah&Braydon, Nov 16, 2005.

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    i found out i was pg at 22 weeks and as u can guess being 17 it was a big surprise, i had been with my ex for 4 years and engaged for 2 ( we were going to tell our familys on my 18th) we had always planned to have kids but after we were married - but he did say if an accident ever happened he would stick by me - we were using protection. anyway when we found out i was pg he was great for a week but then stopped first he made excuses not to s me then he broke up with me then he did everything in his power to upset me i didnt see him much in the whole twenty weeks i knew i was pg then when i had braydon he played interested till he was on the birth certificate and then didnt see him again for five weeks till yesturday and he was really good with braydon - the thing is even tho he has treated me like crap i still love him and wanna be with him more than anything - how do i stop myself from loving him - he can really hurt me but i still end up loving him!!
    sarah and braydon
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    Sarah hunnie - it take a boy to make a baby but a man to be a father.
    Let him prove himself as a father before you get back together with him is my advice. he has hurt you very badly in the past and you need to take things very slow and not rush into anything. Guys can turn back again quicker than water turns to ice.

    I'm always on msn for a chat sweetie - come find me if you need to talk xxxx

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