worried about my toddler's behaviour!

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by Iwant3, Mar 14, 2016.

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    I have 3 children and am a childminder so have experience with lots of toddlers - but my own 3rd child is very challenging. she is 2 in a few weeks time. some examples being
    - she never sits still
    - she never eats a meal properly its always throwing food, utensils, drinks - squashing the food and wiping it everywhere (since weaning)
    - she hits, pushes and scratches (was just me, but now started on other children)
    - she cannot leave anything alone,
    - strong willed and will not stop doing something when told (even if in danger).
    - she constantly takes risks, climbing and jumping from high places
    - she will go into a screaming rage quickly and hit/scratch.
    - she cannot maintain attention and sometimes you can be calling her/talking to her and it's like your not there.
    - still waking through the night and the more you try to soothe her or keep her quiet the louder she gets - shouting no.

    she probably just sounds like a normal toddler - but I have never had to deal with any behaviour like this before.

    her speech is really good so she's not frustrated though not being able to communicate. I actually find her very difficult and hard to care for. and I do that for a living!:shock:
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    I would trust your instincts, your a childcare professional and have had other children so it's not like your unaware of what is common toddler behaviours.
    It sounds pretty normal like you say but if you are concerned I would discuss it with your health visitor. The health visitor is best point of contact regarding getting a paediatrician to maybe assess your daughter.

    She sounds strong willed, intelligent and pretty brave to me. I'm sure she is delightful but I can see that it would be a struggle with some of these challenging and risky behaviours.

    Sending hugs. Xx
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    Jul 16, 2013
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    Your description of your LO sounds just like my daughter! Especially never being still, meal time are horrendous with food etc being thrown, scratching/pinching/hitting. Tbh although I've been told by a few family members she's hard work and challenging I thought all toddlers were like this as she's my first so nothing to compare it to.

    I don't have any advice I'm afraid but id be interested in what others have to say. Like your LO my daughters speech is good so its not like she cant communicate her feelings and needs. I've always put it down to her being very headstrong and strong willed x

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