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working till 2weeks before im due


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Feb 2, 2005
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are there no other working mums to be??? :(
i work in a office so i get to sit down allday but i find sitting more uncomforable then standing, but i want to get some savings before i leave to have my baby im 31weeks and im staying in work till im 38weeks :roll:
Good luck to you, keep your legs crossed! :shock:

Hopefully your work are looking after you. They should be doing regular risk assessments of you to check that you are ok. If sitting down for long periods is uncomfortable then they should allow you some short breaks to get up and walk around.
realy i have not had any risk assesments and working for a large company BT you would expect them to be on top about things like that :? ummm il have to have a word with my boss tomorrow
Hi Dionne

Sometimes the biggest companies are the worst when it comes to everyday health and safety.

Check this out regarding health and safety and employer's obligations


Good luck talking to your boss.


A woman in my office worked right up till 39 weeks. She gave birth a week late so she got 2 weeks at home to relax before the baby was born. She wanted to save as manyof her holidays to add onto her maternity leave. She was fine about working. She did have a little fall one day. She tripped on her hand bag and landed on her knee's, shuck her up a little. But then she could have done that at home as well. I plan to work right upto 38 weeks once I get a BFP. My problem is that i drive approx 50 miles to work and 50 back. I don't know if this will effect my car insurance. Does anyone else drive whilst late into their pregnancy? Is it much more difficult? and does it effect your insurance in any way?
Hi Hayley

A friend of mine had a baby recently and she found the driving difficult towards the end for 2 reasons.

Firstly, it got uncomfortable to sit like that for so long, especially when she was being kicked! Also, she found her concentration didn't seem to be as good as before. Don't know how normal that is though :?

50 miles is quite a journey, even when you're not pregnant! How long does it take you?
Hi Helen

It takes me between an hour and 1 1/2 each way. On a good day it's only 1 hour but if there's been a accident on the motorway it can take me over 2 hours. I always need the ladies room when i eventually get to work... don't even want to think about it when i'm pregnant. I've been doing the drive now for 3 years so i'm used to it. I'm not pregnant yet, still trying but these are some of the things i need to be thinking about. Can't afford to take a few months off work before the baby is born. And i know i'll want as much time as possible off after the baby is born, so don't really want to waste maternity leave before the baby is born. Any way got to get a BFP yet so i'll just concentrate on that for now.
Hi helen
Thanks for that site it was realy usefull and has opened my eyes a lil, im very shocked and dissapointed that my work have not even looked at my desk for me :x im sure there are a few health hazzards to, as my desk digs right in the middle of my belly il have to get it raised for the time being and these chairs are no good for my back. il speak to my manager let you no how it goes..
dionne I hope it works for you to work up to 38 wks. I had planned on working up to my due date with 1st dd and at 35 or 36 wk(can't remember exactly) I just couldn't do it anymore. I too worked in an office
and could sit all day.I even worked in a doc office at a hospital, so they were real good about making things pretty easy for me. But there was just no way. So I went on my leave and ended up having her at 37 wks. So it really did work out for me. But if you can't handle it you should think about leave early if there is any financial way you can swing it.
I hope to work for as long as possible and then take a weeks annual leave and then mat leave, but i guess i will just have to see!
I am a crisis psychiatric nurse and am still early so haven't had my risk assessment done yet (but i will for sure).
I will probably not allowed patient contact for last few weeks and i will hate that but hey will see how it goes.
I may also be expecting twins so if i am will have to leave earlier too!
Good Luck.
Erica xxx
This post is a little old as Dionne has had her baby. But I will post anyway. I am 19 weeks right now and I have no choice but to work up until the day I deliver. I am the US Navy and I could take leave but then that will lessen what I can take for christmas. I get 42 days leave after I deliver. One girl I used to work with even went into labor at work a while ago. I pray I am not one of those. I want to start labor at home not at work. I want to be prepared. Not have to go home and get stuff before going to the hospital. Oh well, what happens happens I guess.
Hi Tanisha

I can't believe you only get 42 days leave after the baby is born. That is awful. Are you expected to leave the baby and go back to work in just over a month? I thought every woman is allowed her maternity rights. Also it's very dangerous to work right up to giving birth. I'd like to be able to work upto 36/38 weeks (if i felt well enough) but i wouldn't like to work upto the actual day i give birth. Do you have to travel to work? what would happen if your water's broke whilst driving? I am so shocked at the way the US navy treat pregnant woman. Good luck, hope your waters break whilst your relaxing at home.
Well, its not like they treat us bad or anything. We can take more time if we choose, that is just what we are given for free. We earn 2 days a month and we can use that if we wish, but I want to save that for christmas time. We are given six weeks for free. Also when we get to about 36-38 weeks we are given half days, about 4-6 hours of work. And ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been at a sitting desk job able to walk and eat whenever I want. I kind of like it here, I would be doing the same thing at home at least now I can get out of the house. When I go into labor, it doesn't matter when, on my way to work, at home, or at work, I go to hospital first and then I call my boss and let him know that I have went into labor. He takes care of all the paper work for my time off and everything. They actually treat us REALLY well, every Navy family qualifies for WIC(woman, infant, and children) we get anywhere from 20-30 dollars free food per week. We are given anything we can't afford. From car seats to cribs. If I say I need it they will find it for me for either very cheap or free. Only reason we work for as long as we do when pregnant is because we are paid monthly and we are sailors 24 hours a day 7 days week, pregnant or not. Sorry if I made it sound like I don't like the Navy, I do very much. Oh yeah and health care for me, my husband and my soon-be-baby---FREE and if anything happens to be while on Active Duty husband gets a big chunk of change and my pay check for the rest of his life as long as he doesn't get remarried. It has great benifits.
Wow, Tanisha, those are wonderful benefits you get from your job! :D Unfortunately, I lost my job a month before getting pregnant and didn't think it would be fair to a new employer to work for only a few months and then leave. We are struggling with trying to buy all the baby stuff, and trying to come up with ways to cut costs. You're pretty lucky you don't have that stress to worry about.
Do you have any friends you could get stuff from? I don't know about Canada but here we have thrift stores, thats a good place to get a lot of stuff really cheap. It may all be used but its a start. If you need any help looking I am really good in finding exellant deals on the internet. Email me if you want me to look for something in particular. I got a boppy pillow for $5 off the internet last week.
I haven't checked the thrift stores. I was at a second-hand baby store last month, but they mostly had toys and their cribs were almost the price of new. We went to visit my husband's sister yesterday and she gave us an infant car seat, a stroller, a jolly jumper, and some bottles.

I would like to get a change table, but they are so expensive, I might just get a thick change pad instead. I will need a crib, but for now my first priority is to get a bedside cradle. They are $80 Canadian and more here, which i suppose isn't that bad, but it does all add up. I saw some on wal-mart online for as low as $40 U.S., but there is a $20 delivery charge, and they won't deliver to Canada so I would have to drive a few hours to pick it up.

I know we will also need the basics like clothes and formula and diapers. There is just so much and I feel so unprepared. I just want everything to be perfect for our little one.
Run a search on ebay and see if you can find something there, they had a good number of bassinetts there last time I looked.
dionne said:
are there no other working mums to be??? :(
i work in a office so i get to sit down allday but i find sitting more uncomforable then standing, but i want to get some savings before i leave to have my baby im 31weeks and im staying in work till im 38weeks :roll:

I also plan to do that too, but Im feeling very tired just now!!!

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