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i am 28 weeks pregnant and unable to give up work till i am 32 weeks to make sure i am entitled to maturnity pay as i have only just started my job - the problem is i am a domestic and i am finding it increasingly hard to carry on working as i have suffered from a bad hip/back through out my pregnancy - does anyone have any advice
Sorry, I don't have any advice but I was wondering how early in your pregnancy did u start suffering fron hip pain?

Thanks, Jenny
Shouldn't you work have carried out a risk assessment of your working conditions as a pregnant lady? I would have thought that that conditions you are working under are probably not recommended therefore they would either need to do something about it or suspend you on full pay.

Have you checked out your maternity rights with regards to working conditions? Could be worth doing :)
i have hip problems dues to a kidney problem that i had when i was eleven that has flarred up as i am putting on weight like there is no tomoz - but i started suffering from it when i was about 21 weeks and put on weight
Hi itfc_mad

Kim's right they should be risk assessing you. If your job is found to be unsafe for you they should provide you with alternative work that doesn't. If they can't provide alternative work then they should suspend you on full pay till you have the baby.

Hope that helps.


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