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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by Ninaforever, Jan 17, 2022.

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    Jan 17, 2022
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    First I wanna say I am a very motivated individual. With my 1st pregnancy I fell very sick and had severe nausea/vomiting during my pregnancy. At that time I was very miserable. Right when the nausea went away I went straight into a job until near my due date. When my son was 6 months I went to nursing school & graduated. I finally got my first nursing job than 6 months later here I am pregnant again. I didn’t want to be pregnant due to the fact that it holds me back due to how sick I get and my motivation is never the same during pregnancy and even right after. It’s a lot physically and emotionally for me. Most women and men don’t understand the pain I go through because the type of severity of sickness I get isn’t very common. My mom had HG and I’m pretty sure I got it from her. That being said everyone told me every pregnancy was different and so i wanted to try for my husband and I and somewhat regret that decision. Because, I’m back at square one miserably I’ll. I took a LOA from work which is coming to a end next week. I have been bed-ridden the whole first trimester that mentally I don’t feel prepared to go back. I am angry most days because I see some pregnant women being full of energy or atleast somewhat capable of working. When I’m not pregnant I love working. I’m a very out going person and I think that’s why it’s affecting me mentally. My job is about an hour to 90 mins. Drive. I have to wake up at 5 am to make it and it feels so impossible. My husband wake up to work from home and has nothing physically holding him back and it makes me sad that i don’t feel the same that I did when I wasn’t pregnant. Everything was so much easier and now I feel like I don’t have full control over my body anymore. I try to make myself feel better by eating healthy,( even though I can’t keep much food down). I drink ginger tea. I took Zofran which stopped working as well. I guess my point is being pregnant is setting me back so much & I feel defeated. I finally have a job that I liked “before pregnancy” and now I’m dreading and hating the thought of it. Imagine going from bed-ridden miserably sick then going straight back to work. I’d rather work 2 full time jobs than deal with the physical and mental toll of pregnancy. Anyone else relate?
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    I’m so sorry you’re struggling. I don’t have any advice to really make you feel better. But I’m glad you can vent here. I hope your energy returns soon <3
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    I know how you feel. I’ve had HG too and there’s honestly no way I could’ve worked in any capacity until 20 weeks. There are HG support groups out there and I found joining one of them on Facebook really helpful... everyone’s feeling the same way you are. Sick, over it, depressed.
    For medication, try Doxylamine and Vitamin B6. The combination of the two does help quite a bit, won’t get rid of it but should take the edge off. Zofran has never helped me at all.
    I hope you start to feel better soon, it’s a living hell xx
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