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    Hi everyone

    I'm like a newbie with the am I or am I not pregnant!! Having one child before you would think I would be a bit on the ball with symptoms but with it being 12 years ago my memory has faded...lol...

    My hubby and I have spent the last 11 years with a if it happens it happens mantra, having our daughter and then a miscarriage a year later made me decide not to get hung up on having more children and it has never happened. We have travelled the world in that time, living in Oz and NZ but since we got back to Blighty we have both been getting broody and thinking time is against us we have our fingers crossed.

    Spent a very enjoyable May into June making the most of the circles on the OVI app, any excuse �� And my period arrived in June as normal, lasted its usual 3 days and wandered off into the sunshine. Kept up with out baby making and lo and behold July's period arrived. It was weird though, heavy ( not worryingly heavy though) then light, then I thought finished only to have come back for a bit on day 4 and then a little bit on the morning of day 5. Not my usual cycle at all. Now I have symptoms!!

    1. Mood swings
    2. Aching lower back
    3. Pelvis feels tight and hard with not cramps or if so very light almost tingly cramps.
    4. Sleeping like its an Olympic sport
    5. Vivid dreams
    6. Headaches
    7. Horny much to my hubby's disgust as he has slipped a disk...not my fault I might add, blame a bag of Sainsbury shopping.

    No nausea but I didn't have that first time round either other than I can't remember any other symptoms (terrible I know).

    Next period due in 2 weeks. If it was you what would you think? Was naughty and did a unbranded test today (only one in Supermarket) and nothing. Said to hubby if I'm not pregnant I wonder if it's Menapause...lol...

    Any insights more than welcome xx
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