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May 19, 2005
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has anyone got it??

I have got my pack and by the looks of it, i have to set it up myself!

the software part im fine with, but i have to put half of it inside my machine and im crap with hardware, i havent got a clue where it would go, im scared i will break something! lol

any ideas?
this is where i get really thick lol

it says its a BT Voyager 1040 adapter??

and the other part is a BT Voyager 2091 wireless ADSL router
havent got a lap top, so i would have to open the tower unit up
well ok then lol

is the adaptor a rectangle shape or does it have a usb on the end?
there is no usb on this, only one the reciver part


yeah you need to open it and then slot it in , sorry to sound dirty lol :lol:
you can only do itif your computer has a slot free at the back aswell
lol ok thanks, i will attempt it tomorrow when i have more time.

is it just a case of slotting it in, doesnt it need to conect to something inside the machine?
You need to open up your tower and slot this into a spare card slot (usually at the back of the machine).

If you need help let me know, I used to work in IT support & marketing :)
thanks guys :)

i conned my mate in to doing it last night for me, he got half way in to setting it up when it says we need to conect it to a phone line to complete it, then install the wireless cd to go wireless

well i cant conect it to my phone line, its in a whole diffrent part of the huse, which is why i wanted to have wireless! lol

so unless i take apart and move my whole pc to conect it, im a bit stuck
what a pile of crap! lol

finaly managed to install it and get it all hooked up and running (well not me, my mate) and it doesnt work!

the signal is not strong enough to get to the front part of my house(wehre the phone line is) to the back of my house(where the pc is)

we tried moving the thing around the room so see if i picked up the pc signal, but nope, nothing!

we did however pick up next doors signal, stupid really, if i can get next doors, why couldnt i get the one in my house?!

I phoned BT and they said i can send it back and have a refund, guess im sticking with NTL :evil:
Hi Layla

Not sure if this helps but my MIL has NTL and uses an "Actiontec" wirelssr internet system, the router is in the living room and she uses her pc in the loft room.

She ordered the router and wireless stuff from NTL direct.

We have a netgear wireless system and it works really well also.


we already have broadband installed with NTL so we have deicded to stick with it.

the reason we wanted to get rid of NTL was coz they keep adding extra charges on my account every month, plus now and again they block certian web sites i use, but i can get round that with proxys.

we have had the phone line and tv channels cut off, we are now with BT and sky, so if we stick with NTL for our broadband they cant charge us any more than the set payment a month, if they do, then i can go mad at them coz i have no other services.

time will tell
no idea why they add extra, nor do they so it seems, when ever i phone to question the amounts they cant tell me what they are for, only that they are "amendments"

i pay my bill off in full every month, then the next month there is always an outstanding balance, then they send me a reminder for a different amount, and when i phone to ask, they tell me a different amount, its never the same.

got pissed off with it in the end, thats why i cut my tv and phone line off with them.

at least now i should only get charged the £25.99 a month for broadband and they cant possibley add on any extras.

thats teh plan anyway, im sure they will find something to piss me off with tho lol

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