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    Thought this maybe useful for everyone.... i will be using these on the twins :) .... xxx

    DernaH20 WaterWipes are the purest and mildest baby wipes, containing only 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract and contain none of the chemicals and synthetic additives found in other baby wipes. Because the product essentially contains just purified water, it is likely to be much less irritating for a babys skin than some commercial baby wipe products, which may cause nappy rash and skin conditions such as eczema in babies and young children.

    A Parents Guide To WaterWipes

    You want the best for your baby, and nothing is more pure and gentle for washing a babys skin than cotton wool and cooled boiled (sterile) water.

    DermaH20 WaterWipes are the only commercially available baby wipes that can guarantee you:

    The natural cleansing and rinsing effects previously only available by using time-consuming cotton wool and pure water solutions
    A natural product that is free from any harmful chemicals and synthetic additives
    Convenient, user-friendly packaging

    WaterWipes Vs Standard Wet Wipes

    Many ordinary baby wipe products contain potentially harmful chemical preservatives and synthetic additives.

    Independent studies in Australia, Britain and the US have identified the chemicals used in ordinary baby wipes as being a factor in the onset of nappy rash, irritant contact dermatitis and eczema.

    And those wipes should not be used if nappy rash or other inflammations are evident.

    Midwives and dermatologists also agree that conventional baby wipes should not be used in the first few months of a babys life. Instead, cooled boiled (i.e. sterile) water applied with cotton wool is recommended at nappy changing time.

    Safety and convenience

    DermaH20 WaterWipes are the only baby wipes to comply with this recommendation while remaining as convenient to use as ordinary baby wipes.

    And DermaH20 WaterWipes are completely safe for newborns because they contain no harmful chemicals, soap or other preservatives.

    Product comparisons


    Ideal for newborns
    99.9% purified water
    Non irritant
    Wipes retain moisture long after opening the packet
    Biodegradable (pure viscose) wipes

    Other baby wipes

    Not suitable for newborns
    Contain many chemicals
    Contain artificial emollients and even fragrances
    90-98% water content plus additives
    May trigger nappy rash
    May trigger conditions such as eczema
    Contents dry out after opening the packet
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    It's a shame you can't buy from local supermarket, I've only seen them at the baby show x
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    you can get them in chemists apparently x

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