Why dont Doctors give you more information ?

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Ragna, Sep 1, 2005.

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    Apr 2, 2005
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    On Tuesday I had my 27 week blood tests and antenatal with the Midwife. Everything was okish, although there was a trace of protein in my urine. She wasnt worried at all as my blood pressure was 128/82 and I hadnt any swelling (pre-clampsia signs).

    So Today i had a phone call from the Surgery, saying that the Blood tests had come back and the Doctor was requesting a Urine Sample again.

    After having Eclamptic fits in my first pregnancy, and losing a baby in 2003 and nearly my life to a DVT. Ill admit to be a tad paranoid about this pregnancy and it live it day to day. (which my Doctor knows) So Im sure you can imagine just how worried I was. All these things were going through my mind, Was it because of the protein, was I getting pre-eclampsia? Was it because there was Glucose and I was getting diabetes? Well My blood pressure must have shot up good and proper cos I was so worried. The Receptionist couldnt actually tell me why but said she would get the doctor to ring me later. (This was 9am, later was 1pm!)

    I took in my Urine Sample and the Receptionist could see my concern and when I got home she rang me to say she had taken the sample to the Doc and that the reason for the request for urine was that my white blood cell count had come back only slightly up. That was all I was told. So I was still worried.

    Eventually the Doctor rang at 1pm. There was nothing to worry about, they had come back slightly high so they were checking I didnt have a urine infection. Hurray at last I was told.

    My question is this. Why couldnt I have been told that in the first place to stop 4 hours of worry?

    Surely "Hello Mrs Brent, Your blood results are back with a slightly higher white blood cell count, so we need some a urine sample to rule out a urine infection" Simple eh ????

    Ragna and bump xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Mar 11, 2005
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    That's ridiculous and insensitive! Like you say it would only have taken that wouldn't it?

    Still- very glad to hear that everything is fine with you :) that's the really important thing :)

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    May 28, 2005
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    I agree with you about how we get treated! Ive luckily not had occasion to be scared like u ragna, but i have a few bones to pick myself!
    My blood tests from my previous appointment showed I needed iron & I got sent a prescription. When I went over to collect the prescription, the lady at the pharmacy pointed out that I should be getting it free, & my midwife should have given me a certificate for that. So I phoned up my practise to ask for it & got told- well, u can do it next time u have an appointment- a month later. Anyway, the iron tablets did not agree with me, so I had to phone back. The duty doc said she'd send out a new prescription. Which never arrived. Meantime a colleague pointed out a really gentle iron prescription which I could get from Holland & Barrett, so I just phoned back the surgery asking if it was safe to take in pregnancy. Said theyd get back in touch with me never did. Finally had to do my own research off the net & conclude that it was safe.I think the NHS docs in the surgery r basically callous hard people only bothered about meeting "targets" with no real sense of patient responsibility or compassion for patients!!!!! :evil:
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    I totally agree Ragna - I thought it was just my surgery which said that. Luckily the new surgery I'm at I have a fantastic midwife who has expalined everything to me and helped me with all my recent concerns.

    Sorry you had such a pants experience with your doctors babe. I think they sometimes think it's best not to tell us incase they are wrong - but that only worries me more, as it does you.

    Glad your okie xxx

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