Who is due Feb?


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May 11, 2005
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My official date is 25th Feb..........who comes before or after me?
Hi Kerry, really wanted to be a January Mum, but think ill go way over my EDD which is 5th Feb, so hopefully ill be before you!
Feeling any better??
My EDD is 16 February, but I'm kind of counting on my LO being a bit late.... End of Feb / Early March would do fine by me ;o)
My EDD is 28/01/06, the same date as Sarah W Baby Belly, but she won!! I HOPE IT'S ME NEXT!!! :wink:
I too assume I will go over my date as my other two were late, so it would be a nice surprise if it is early. My neighbour had her baby yesterday and I now have my 'I want mine' head on!!
Hello Kerry,

lm due 18th February with my 1st, only 2 weeks and 3 days to go for me, not long for you either! Time has really flown these last couple of weeks too.

Fluffy. xx :lol:
Hi Kerry

I'm due just after Hels on 8th Feb (although I'm 40 wks on 7th Feb)

Like some of you I think my wee one will be late so could be looking at around 20th Feb!

39 + 1
hey ladies!

am due 10th Feb
and am having serious discussions with bump for it to come out between now and then, please not after... :lol:
hi ladies

technically i am due on tomorrow, even though i have already had liam.

it seems really strange now coming onto this site even though i have had my baby.

he is really good, a bit of a piggy though. loves his food. he looks more like Joshua, but he seems to take after Kieran for the sleep patterns. he went down last night at 10.00 and then woke at 1.30, 2.40 and then 5.45 then slept until the midwife came at 10.00.

Kerry have you any advice on stitches that have come undone. one of my midwifes said no bathing but my regular mw said thats rubbish and to put either dettol or tea tree oil into the water to clean it. she said that it could bleed for a couple of weeks and you cant deny yourself baths for all that time. what do you think.

I'm due on 6th Feb - but hoping for a few days early. Trying not to think about the possibility of going overdue as have really had enough!
As you can see from my Ticker I have a 8 week old son called Aidan...

However My first Grandchild is also due to my 18 year old daughter Nikki on 8th Feb, so hope you dont mind me joining this thread.

Nikki has spent last few days in hospital because of high blood pressure but is home now and on bed rest (Nagging mum here!)

Shes been having period like pains and a bit of back ache so unsure whether it might be over the next few days or not :0)

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxx
well i was due in March but due to complications i'm having a c-section on the 14th Feb so i guess i'm due in Feb now :)
My EDD is on the 20th of Feb, but I am hoping my little girl comes a week early, as my husband will be on holiday...that would make things easier and he would have more time with her!
Waiting time, now, she could come anytime now!...got my Tens machine off Tescos yesterday!!!!!!! And my mum has arrived from France last Friday...all this makes my pregnancy and soon delivery even more real!!!! :D

Take care everyone!
Mel xx

I would say you need the stiches re-done surely? If not then yes, Tea tree or something like that in your bath or just shower the area instead of soaking it.

Let me know how you go xx
Well im not officially due till the 1st of march but im gonna join in this thread!!!!!!!!! LO was 4/5ths palpable at 34 weeks and bump was measuring 36cm, ive just been to my MW today (36 weeks) and LO is now 3/5ths palpable and bump is measuring 38cm.
my MW also said she would perform a sweep at 39 weeks if he hasnt arrived.....so thats y im joining this thread! Hope u dont mind :D
Can someone explain something to me, please?

at 35 weeks, my MW wrote 4/5 palpable and 2 days ago, at 37 weeks, she wrote "engaged", and no numbers! :shock:


Mel xx
Well when its palpable the head isnt quite engaged......its on its way! So i think no numbers and "engaged" would mean its as far down as it can get before birth.......the equivalent to 1/5th palpable
I think! lol
Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!! so I should get ready, then!!!!! :D
Just need to make sure the batteries of my camera are full...and well, apart from that, I think I am MORE OR LESS ready...well, as much as one who has never had a baby can be! :lol:

have not had any signs, though...or I have missed them! no braxton hicks, no more discharge, no period pains, no mucus plug, nothing!!!!! :shock:

oh well, i will let you all know if/when something happens!
Mel xx

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