White blood cells in urine but no infection?


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Apr 10, 2005
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I had an appointment with the midwife this morning, blood pressure was fine, uterus size fine but in my urine sample there were lucrose (think she said that?) she said it's some white blood cells probably still there from when I had a yeast type infection a couple of wks ago.

I can't remember if I read a post on here about someone else having white blood cells and it being another infection somewhere else?

Just wondered if anyone had anything similar?

There was a student midwife there today and I felt that the appointment was more about showing the student things than actually checking me!! I realise it's really important for students to get experience but the appointments are so quick that I forgot to ask about a couple of things.


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Hi Lucy,

I had white bool cells in my urine, turned out to be a kidney infection but i think that is the most extreme case. I had MW this week and i still have a few in there so she has sent off a sample to be checked - she thinks it may be a slight yeast infection. If your MW was worried she would have sent it for testing - especially if she was showing off in front of a student!!! Try not to worry, your body will tell you if it is anything serious xxxxx
Hi Lucy

I had exactly the same as you and after doing a Test for a urine infection it came back with the all clear. Because I have to see the Hemotologist as I have a blood disorder I asked her. She said it is absolutely nothing to worry about your White cell count being higher in pregnancy as this is quite normal.

Shame the Doctors and midwife didnt tell me this rather than me worrying !!!

Ragna xx
Thanks Jessika and Ragna

Jessika - ah that's what it was, I must have read your post and I agree, that must be the most extreme and I know i'd have other symptoms if it was a kidney infection.

Ragna - Thank you!! That makes sense then! She did say there wasn't any blood or protein present so it must be like you say. I also wish they would explain these things!

Thanks ladies

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Hey Lucy

I had them in my wee, I think they are called 'lucites' (or maybe that's something completely different :lol: ). Anyway it turned out to be a kidney infection (this was when I was 24 weeks pregnant).

Are you feeling poorly? Any more headaches/migraines than usual?

I agree with you about the student midwife, I had one take my bloods from me at 16 weeks, she didn't ask if she could do it instead of my midwife and made a right mess of it (needle came out, she jabbed me twice, blood was running down my arm and not into the pot thing), in the end the midwife did it on my other arm. They do have to start somewhere but we shouldn't be their guinea pigs and they should ask us! Rant over! ;)

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