Which stages which brand and what age??!

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    So I have decided to wean with ready meals as organic sourced fruit and vegs are hard to find in the area where I live. I've found that the stage 1 from hipp organic isn't that great and it made me think i'll just stick to their formula but I don't have to stick to their jars. So stage one is in favour with boots own organic brand (the vegs risotto is delish! haha) Now passing 7 months I got variety of pouches and jars in stage 2 but I've noticed, the forkmash from plum has a better texture than say Hipp.
    He has a rusk now and again to get him the idea of baby led weaning but anything else is played with tiny lumps like I see in most jars seem to big yet for me, I don't know I find it hard. He's happy with his wholegrain porridge and purreed fruit in the morning but coming to tea time the more they get to eat the bigger the variety. And I don't want him to have like 4 choices for tea with most of it that has chicken in it. Or from what age are most stage 2 jars suitable when they start weaning at 6 months? I can imagine a baby weaned earlier has had a bit more practise with solids and is more likely ready at 7 months?

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