Where should baby sleep to start with?


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Mar 16, 2005
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What are your views on where baby should sleep to start with? In your bedroom or in it's own room from day 1?

My hubbie and I are disagreeing slightly - I think I would feel better if baby was in our room for the first month or so, but he's concerned that we wouldn't be able to get baby to go to sleep in his/her own room afterwards and is worried we'd have a 'room mate' for a full year!

Thanks for reading/polling

LB xx
For some reason I can't vote.

I think we will keep bub in with us for at least the first 4 weeks, but then move them into their own room.
I wasnt to sure about that either, but my bf has already decided the baby will be in our room for the first few months. I dont think there will be a problem with getting them to sleep in their own room afterwards as they wouldnt really know about it , as long as you can hear them ok I dont think you will have to many problems

Natalie x
I heard that baby should be in the parents room for the first 6 months at least. I don't know what I am going to do as our bedroom is so tiny. Not sure where the cot is going to fit!
I am definately having baby in our room for a few months...Makes night time feeds and changes much easier...Plus I would be afraid I might not hear him crying from another room...I had my son in our room for a few months when he was born and we had no trouble at all getting him to sleep in his own room...We bought a pack n play and set it up right next to our bed...Definately worth thinking about...For me I think it is more of a security thing -shrugs-
hi there,

all books i have say in your room for first 6months. My mother in law disagrees (typical mother in law thing to do i know!) think ours will definately be in our room for first couple of months just for peace of mind etc. i agree with Pansy, if it was in next room think i would be up checking it all night with worry!!

guess what ever you both feel happy and comfortable with will be fine though!

Sarah x

I have always had all of my children with me for at least the first 10 months. I think that its easier in the night when you wake for feeds and changing, and I like the fact that they are just a little bit away from me.

Obviously its a personal thing, but worth asking around.

Also read that in countries where they sleep with the parents that Cot Death is less. Dont know how true that its though?

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Im sure most babies sleep with their parents for the first few weeks if not months. In the first weeks its ideal to have baby just there for feeing whcih will be irregular and ofter to start with.

Yes people do have problems with getting their children to sleep on their own but if you see their patterns you would know why.

I am going to have baby in with me for the first few months at night. And after a few weeks I will try to get the baby to sleep during the day in his/her bedroom just to get used to it (before then I will let him/her nap close by in the lounge or something). Its best with a gradual thing. I really dont think your midwife will reccomend baby sleeping on his/her own at the start. Babys only ever know being inside you and doing that will be a shock to the system. You do what you feel best!

Some people also have problems with getting baby to sleep if thy are not holding him/her. So i am going to make sure I let baby sleep in the moses basket and not try to hug him/her all the time.
There's a big poster on the wall in my local doctors surgery advising that all babies should sleep in the same room as their parents for the first 6 months.

Apparently SIDS has been connected to babies sleeping in their own room.
Thanks for your replies guys - I think I'll discuss this with my midwife - am seeing her on Friday.

Our room is so small like you Stacy - not sure where we would put the moses basket. But I'm sure we'll work something out. I think it's settled in my own mind - I will just need to persuade hubbie - though if he realises there are real health reasons I'm sure he'll agree our room is the best place to be to start with.

Our babies room in on a different floor, so we have already been bought a moses basket, so it will be that for the first month or soo then maybe a cot in our room until I get used to getting up! But it is alot of stairs to go up and down!
I have the same problem with finding room for babys bed...I have decided to move some of my furniture out into storage...Since we are getting ready to move soon anyways...I think Catherine's idea about napping in their own room during the day is a great idea...I think I might try that too...

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