When will it happen again, I wonder?

Discussion in 'Coping with Miscarriage & Loss' started by hannan, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Jun 29, 2005
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    As many of you may have seen from the 'First Trimester' forum, I m/c'd in December and had a D&C three weeks ago, today. It's been a very difficult, sad and emotional time, and I can't help thinking about what might have been. I feel so cheated and am anxious to be pregnant again. There is no sign of my period yet and I'm wondering how long it will take to appear so that I can start trying again. :?
    Just wondering about others who have been in a similar situation and how long it took for your AF to appear, and then for you to conceive again?
    Thanks xxx
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    I am so sorry to hear you lost your preganncy hannan. I know you mst be going thorugh alot of emotions right now.
    When I fell pregnant in 2004, I m/c'd, had my AF 4 weeks later, fell pregnant again straight away, and mc'd again. I didn't AF for 6 weeks after 2nd m/c. both m/c's were at 6weeks gestation roughly.

    hth and sending you my love xx
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    So sorry for your loss Hannan but very glad to see you on here looking to the future so soon ... it is a very tough time and I hope you take it easy and allow yourself to come to terms with your loss whichever way suits you and OH. hugs.

    Re AF.. after my m/c in August [@ 8 wks] my AF appeared 26 days after first day of m/c bleeding.. it was bang on cue as my cycle at time was 26 days. To be honest I was surprised as I had only stopped bleeding from m/c a few days before then AF started... was not too welcome at the time but a relief that cycle was returning to normal.

    Doctors advised me to wait a few cycles.. just to be sure cycle was regular so I charted and temped etc.. I did ovulate each cycle but had no fertility signs for 3 months.. then we got our BFP Dec.. I am glad I waited.. I also had all sorts of tests and examinations for cysts, a polyp and possible cervical cancer during that waiting time so it was advisable for me to get all that out of the way first. like you I was very anxious to try again but in hindsight it was not the right time for me.. hopefully this little bean will make it proving the wait was worthwhile :wink:

    Give yourself time, your cycle will regulate when your body is ready, in the meantime pamper yourself and take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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