When will I have my first appointment and scan?

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Mar 5, 2006
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Hi I am 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I am not sure when I will have my first appointment with the midwife and then each follow up appointment and scans.
Hi i had my booking in at 10 weeks then my scan at 12 but i believe all midwifes do it different!

just call your surgery and ask to make an appointment to see the midwife. If she is like mine she'll see you as early as 5 weeks. She'll book you in and then make another appointemnt for maybe 4 weeks.
If i were you thoogh id leave it a few weeks yet and then make an appointment unless you have some concerns :)

You'll have your first scan at around 12-14 weeks
Hi Gemz, welcome to the forum, and congratulations!!!!!

I had my booking in appointment with the midwife at 5 weeks, and had my first scan at 9+6. I haven't seen the midwife since, and don't have another appointment until I'll be 15+5. :? So I definitely agree that all areas do it different. Strange as my blood pressure was very high on my booking in appointment, but I had to call the surgery to remind them I was still here!!!!
Hi thanks for your replies. I just went to my doctors surgery and filled in some forms and made an appointment fo March 29th when I will be just over 8 weeks pregnant. I always thought that they just listened to the heartbeat at 12 weeks and then done the first scan at 20 weeks.
My midwife came round yesterday and these are the dates and appointments she said I would be having.

12 week dating scan.
15 weeks need to see consultant.
20 weeks see midwife
23 weeks scan.

Although my appointments seem to always be different to everyone elses. Not sure what happens when I see consultant or the midwife at 20 weeks but she said that this is normal for my area.

Congrats on your pregnancy by the way. x
They certainly do, do it diffenet then i went and had my pregnancy confirmed at about 5 weeks then i had my booking in at 10 then my scan at 12 wks! Then i had another appointment with m/w at 16 wks then another scan at 20 wks! Im next due to see the m/w at 25wks! This has also changed a lot since i had my daughter, i saw a m/w every 4 weeks in the early stages then every 3 then every2! At our surgery they dont see you a lot now unless u have any problems along the way!

Its quite interesting to see how different aresa do it diffenetly!

hi to gemz & congratulations on your pregnancy!!
this is my 3rd, but the appointments i have had are:
doctor confirmed pregnancy=5 weeks (then he refered me to m/w)

dating scan at 7 weeks

booking in app with midwife=8 weeks (blood test & bp)

next scan is on friday (13 weeks)

then it is midwife at 16 weeks

then scan at 21 weeks.

take care.x

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