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when to give up work

new mum 2 be

Jun 2, 2005
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I have a very tiring job, as I am on my feet all the time constantly having to bend down. I am worried about giving notice about maternity leave as I have just started this new job, I will also not be getting any maternity pay, so that's a worry too, I think I will probably try and work up to 34 weeks, but what happens if I plan to work upto 34 weeks but than find it is getting too much for me, can I than bring my date forward or will I still have ti give 28 days notice.
Please advice!
i had the exact same problem, but i work in an office so i cant begin to imagine how tired you must get on your feet all day. although by law you are entiltled to go and sit down and rest your feet as often as you like (as long and you dont take advantage i guess)
i wanted to work up untill the week before my due date but i decided to start my maternity leave at the earlisest point i could.
i also was in the same possition as you with maternity pay, i had not been working with my employer long enought to be entiltled to it.
so what you need to do is claim 'maternity allowance' it is the same as maternity pay only its not your work that pays you its the government.
it is £106.00 per week.
get in touch with thw department of work and pensions (dwp) and they will send you a claim form. my claim was sorted within a week. and you can claim before you start maternity leave (although you wont actually get anything untill you start) but you need to sit down and decide when you want to leave work to start.
i know its a bit long winded but i hope it helped

This link may help you a little; http://www.tiger.gov.uk/maternity/emplo ... /index.htm

I think you should play it on how you progress in the pregnancy and what you feel you can cope with. Once you have given your initial notice of maternity, I don't think you need to give as much notice again but I think this website will tell you.

And don't forget don't over do it, you and the baby are the most important thing now and although you say you won't get any mat pay, you will prob still be able to register for other benefits (I am going through that process now myself)


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