When does maternity wear usually kick in? (no punn intended)


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Jan 22, 2005
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Hi girls

I am coming up to 12 weeks (thank goodness) and my clothes have begun to get uncomfortable - even the loose ones. T-Shirts rise up at the front slightly, which makes me self concious. I am continually walking around with my jeans undone, which looks terrible. It is not the fact that I am very big yet - I just don't like the feeling of pressure against my abdomen. I don't think it can to any good - if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. I have seen some lovely drawstring maternity jeans on the web - do you think it is far too early to buy anything - would they be massive?????

you can get maternity clothes in diffrent stages, i had some that were meant for newley pregnany ladies at teh start, but now im in the big massive ones.

It all depends on how big you are and how comfy you feel, if you feel you need them, go shopping, try stuff on, see what fits and what doesnt.

i wanted to be in maternity clothes as soon as possible, made it all seem more real :D

hello, I was wondering the same question as you!

I am 16 weeks now and getting bigger every day!

I dont know if to buy one or two things that fit me now, or get bigger things to fit into later!!

I am hating not having much to wear already!

i feel a shopping session coming on!!
hoping not to need maternity wear for a while as only 4 weeks lol but am a bit bloated and finding my jeans a bit uncomfortable so did go out today and buy myself a nice pair of joggers so i can feel comfortable round the house i normally live and die in jeans when not in work but i think they might have to go away for a bit need comfort at moment still getting a lot of af cramping xxxxxx
Just bought my first pair for Dorothy Perkins which are not huge but i dont think theyll last long, i am stuck for christmas as would like a dressy outfit which isnt going to happen!
I was very bloated in the first few weeks and was out of my work trousers straight away, which surprised me.

I went out and bought a lot of maternity stuff that I thought I would want to wear as I imagined that I would get huge really quickly.

As it turns out, at 22 weeks I have quite a small bump after all. I'm not as big as I thought I would be and I wish I had bought more clingy type maternity wear. I am now selling off some of my tent-like maternity things on e-bay in favour of some more clingy type stuff.

What I am trying to say is, buy as you go and don't be tempted to buy your entire maternity wardrobe early on (as I did), as you don't know how big you are going to get and you don't know what style of clothes you will be wanting to wear when you do get big.
I brought a few pairs of Maternity trousers when I was about 16weeks from Dorothy Perkins and they have adjustable elastic bits on the sides so you can make them bigger as you get bigger. I brought them in the same size I was before I was pregnant and they all still fit me fine now. A really good investment and they wern't really expensive either.
Tops are a different story. I have resorted to wearing t-shirts mainly because any tops I did buy were only lasting me about 3 weeks. Although now winter is on it's way I'm hoping it'll be easier to buy some clothes as I can buy them baggier to keep me warm without looking like a tent. LOL!!!

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