When did your cravings start?

Sarah W Baby Belly

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Jun 14, 2005
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I haven't had any cravings yet.

Does this mean I won't get any, or are my cravings yet to start?

God I hope I get a craving for fruit or water! :D

Are people more likely to get cravings when they have been very sick? In other words, is the body crying out for the nutrients it has been missing. I haven't vomitted once and I have kept a whole load of food down. Is this the reason I'm not craving anything?

Just wondering :D
I have to say i dont think i have had any yet either, in fact apart from the scan pic on my phone i would probably forget i was pregnant in the first place! (not really! Not the kind of thing you just forget...)

I hope my cravings are for healthy things but sods law says it will be chocolate (which i dont normally eat much of)!
I didnt think id get ne cravings, cos i jus couldntt imagine me cravin any thing, but it has only been recently that im not really in to normal food, i love omatoes, peaches etc etc. And every now and hen i could kill for some chocolate mmmmm. But mainly loving fruit at the mo :)

bec x x x x
Is anyone else out there quite early on in the pregnancy, yet already have strong cravings?

I don't feel at all pregnant at the moment and feel so normal I am starting to feel a bit strange. I know I am supposed to be virtually blooming by now but I would rather have a bump to go with it so that I have something to let me know that everything is going right.

Perhaps I should create a craving? mmmmmm.........now let me see...... strawberries with gravy? Now that would be silly. :D :D :D
I've been quite into pickle lately. Anything tangy, like pickle, salad cream etc. I'm loving cheese (strong tasty Colliers cheese) on toast with a mountain of pickle. Mmmmmmm :D

I could quite easily eat about 12 packets of cheese and pickle crisps, but I'm pretty sure they don't sell them anymore.

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