What's the maximum time after OV AF can arrive?


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Apr 10, 2005
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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone knew how long after ovulation AF arrives? I thought it was between 14 and 21 days but perhaps it can be shorter or longer as well?

I only came off the bcp at the end of Feb and my first cycle was 45 days but I felt sure I ov'd 14 days before AF arrived, this cycle I think I ov'd around 3rd May (due to EW and temp changes) but am still waiting for AF (now on CD 38).

Hopefully my cycles will get shorter soon, I used to have semi regular 28 day ones before I went on the bcp.

Does anyone know of any tips/advice books that help to shorten your cycle or is it all down to mother nature?


Hello Lucy

I think that AF usually arrives between 10-14 days after O, well mine does anyway!! My first cycle after I came off the pill was 52 days, then they were between 40-42 days but they are now regulaly 33 days, so it does take time for them to become 'normal' for want of a better word!!!

Good luck and if you find anyway to shorten your cycle then please let me know how !!!!!
Hi Lindsay

Thanks for your reply - suddenly I've become really excited that there might be a possibility I'm pg (but I don't have any symptoms so I think it's just wishful thinking). I'm sure I OV around 3rd May so that would make me 19 days post Ov (I didn't see my typo before where I typed 8 + ) which apeared as 8) ....) I'm currently on CD 38.

Baby dust to all


I think the luteal phase is rarely more than 16 days.

You're at Day 19 eh? You said you're charting your temperatures. Have they remained high since ovulation? If so you're probably definitely pregnant! They say that 18 high temperatures after ovulation is a clear sign of pregnancy.

Let us all know how it goes!
Hi Margaret

Thanks for your reply

My temps dropped off just after posted this thread, so I guess that's not a good sign, also I did a hpt two days ago and got a BFN. Perhaps I didn't actually ovulate? I definately had EWCM and then two days later my temp went up (whcih I thought meant I had ov'd?). Perhaps I'm not understanding the signals very well?

I'm now on CD 43 (last cycle was 45) so maybe this is just my body adjusting back after the bcp.

Baby dust to all


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