What's happening to my ov this cycle...?

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by ceebee, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Nov 15, 2011
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    Quick history:

    8th cycle ttc, 5th month using opks and 3rd month using CBFM. Cycles normally around 26 days and the last 4 months I have ov'd around cd11 - 13.

    I am now on cd 10 and my CBFM has been showing 'High' for 5 days now. I have also been doing (many ) IC opks and only getting very faint lines if anything at all.

    What's more, I have been getting EWCM the past couple of months, but this month, hardly anything at all. I've seen a tiny little EWCM I think, but the rest of the time it seems to vary from 'wet' to 'sticky'...

    I'm feeling very confused as I feel like I'm having ov pains, especially on my left ovary, but apart from that, no sign of ov?
    I know about anovulatory cycles, so perhaps I'm having one, but don't understand the pains I'm having in my ovaries if I'm not about to ov? Also, my first cycle checking CP, but I swear it feels more soft anf open today? wtf is going on???

    I'm worried to BD tonight as what if I get my Peak/+ive opk tomorrow (although that seems unlikely atm) and then I've used up a lot of good spermies...

    Not sure anyone can suggest anything, but just thought I'd put it out there. Sometimes I hate my body... :( xxx
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    why dont you start following SMEP? its apparently 89% effective so it must be ok to get fresh spermies around ovulation.

    you BD every 2nd night starting from CD8, until you get a +OPK. Then you BD that night and the next 2 nights, miss a night then BD again!

    also i got a very negative OPK at 10am, then got my first positive at 4pm. There was a huge difference in those tests, obviously my surge just came on suddenly, and didnt build up at all.

    good luck!!! xx
  3. KMG

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    Aug 20, 2011
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    I am also having a rubbish month. I have been charting my temps and I think I ov'ed Saturday because I had a little ov pain but nothing like I normally get, also opk were negative! My temps also don't seem to be going up as they did last month.

    I am now worried that I did not ov and that's another cycle down the drain!

    I hope yours gets better!


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