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Discussion in 'Feeding & Nutrition' started by mookie, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    Poppy is very nearly 4 months. She was exclusively BF for the first 4 weeks but due to problems with thrush she is now BF and FF. Poppy is very grouchy most of the time, unless we are out (she is very high maintenance). I'm worried she is grouchy because she is hungry. She has formula at 8pm, 2am and 7am (she has boob before all of these feeds and is topped up with formula (she drinks anything from 4oz to 7oz after boob) she also has formula at 3pm and spends most of the day on the boob inbetween feeds.

    Is she hungry?? I've tried expressing but only get about 2oz and thats trying both boobs. I don't really want to up the formula intake as I really dont want her to stop BF and I think she will if I up the formula, what else can I do??

    Please help.
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    Doesn't sound like hunger with all those feeds. Of she spends of the day on the boob is she getting enough sleep and proper naps rather than very short cat naps. That could also explain the grumpiness apart from when out as does she sleep on carseat and buggy? Now my second is 4 weeks old I am remembering all those times when I fed, nappy changed, winded etch first and she was getting more and more grumpy when all she wanted was sleep. I had to fight natural urge to getu boobs out everytime she cried!
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    I agree with kbex, it doesn't sound like hunger, she defo shouldn't be hungry with all those feeds!

    How are her poos? And how well does she sleep?

    It might be worth trying a different formula.

    Don't worry about how much you can express, baby will always get way more out, boobs can't be fooled into thinking that pumps are babies as babies saliva sends messages to boobs about how much to produce, what anti-bodies they need etc. Amazing stuff!!

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