What pushchair/travel system?

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    Im first time mum and after a reassurance scan am finally starting to think about the things we will need and im pretty confused by all the pram smd pushcshir options out there. I would like to get a decent set up but will probably need to buy second hand as we have a wedding to pay for also!

    I would like one that the car seat attaches too so quick shopping trips etc dont have to disturb baby but im aware they cant stay for long in the car seat so need a nice carry cot type attachment too.

    I have a dog and would like to continue to walk him with the baby but hes old so we dont go for miles. I am considering one of those slings for walks and other trips out.

    I wont know if im having a boy or girl so ideally nutral colours.

    Any advice would be most welcome

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    We had a 3 in 1 travel system and although we didnt use the carrycot loads it came in handy to wheel him about when I cleaned as he slept. We got the chassis, carrycot and sear for under 500, but there are some new ones online ranging cheaper.

    The carseat you get with your travel system will clip on nicely and is a god send for the shops and day trips out.

    Sling or carrier is good esp with a dog, we have a carrier this time because we have a toddler who walks so need to keep up with him :lol:

    We ended up switching to a stroller when he was 1 because it was alot easier to fold and store in nursery so again we wont be spending a huge amount on this travel system because I will opt for a stroller when I can.

    I dont have a clue which one we will get yet. Ive seen a few online. Theres an isafe on amazon my friends just got in blue and its 300 for everything. Just do a bit of shopping around and read reviews. Some will like some prams more than others, it is pteference.

    We went with the Bonito BeBe in red first time round, it was light, nimble and easy to fold. Jackson just outgrew it in the end.

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    What about Joie http://www.mothercare.com/Joie-Mirus-Scenic-Stroller-%E2%80%93-Cherry/898604,default,pd.html#q=Joie%27

    Pretty sure the first stage car seat attaches too.
    This one doesn't have a carrycot attachment but it lies flat and is suitable from birth and you can flip the handle so baby is facing you.

    Just so you know though, I always lifted my daughter out and transferred her to a wrap and it never disturbed her so I don't think you need to worry too much about that.

    If you want advice on slings I can help with that. I'd go for a stretchy wrap like a Moby at first, and then consider a woven wrap, ring sling or Mei Tai/SSC once your baby is around 3-4months.
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