What is wrong with me.


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Aug 25, 2005
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I know I am only 2nd Tri but I thought some ladies in here might be able to help me.

Over past 2 weeks i have been really irritable and depressed to the point where I am becoming easily upset over everything and not functuning in my job as well as I usually do. I am really tired, get easily short of breath and have no appetitie (have actually lost 2 pounds over past 2 weeks) and am only 9st 5 (5ft 4in) anyway. Is it just usual preg niggles or something more??
hi hun,

I'd have said it was hormones, my emotions and appetite were up and down between 21- 32 weeks.

If you are concerned ask your midwife

Hope you feel better soon :D :D

I would say it is a mixture of hormones and possibly low iron. Since being pregnant (especially in first and 3rd trimesters) it seems all I have done is moan and moan - but then again, if the pregnancy doesnt go smoothly who can blame us!!!!

More recently I feel extremely tired, but cant sleep at night at all (which was creating all sorts of problems at work - (before i got signed off for falling down the stairs!) anyway saw midwife at routine appointment and my iron levels were very low so I am on iron tablets - Apparantly it can take up to two weeks before they kick in so I'm waiting for that to happen.

Maybe ask them to check this out?

L x
Forgot to say that I too was out of breath and this is due to low iron as not enough oxygen is being carried around the body.

L x
Totally agree that it's probably hormones - I had days during the second trimester when although I felt quite ok in myself I could bite anyones head off without notice!!

Seems to have calmed sown a bit now though......just have days now where I cry all the time!! :roll:

You'll be fine!!

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