What does your baba have to eat in a day?

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by xshauna_bazx, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Mar 31, 2010
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    First hello!!! Havent posted in a while i hope everyone and their babies are good!
    Just a question... Lacey has always been very fussy with her milk and food! Just wondering if you would write down your daily routine with meal times if weaning and when they have milk how much they have what food and how much food for babies of a similar age to Lacey. Just to get a rough idea if i'm giving her enough, if she should have more milk etc.

    Also any ideas on getting her to nap longer she will nap for half an hour at the most and just constantly crys all day cos shes tired and won't give in when she wakes after her nap she will not go back to sleep... shes just so nosey lol!
    Hope someone has some advice :D
    x x x
  2. MrsR

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    Feb 13, 2010
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    I can't see how old your LO is but my blw weaning journal had times for milk, food etc x
  3. Constantstar

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    I have been wondering this too . Owen is 6 months in January and he now has:

    6.30am 8oz milk
    8.15 -8.45 sleep
    9.30am jar of breakfast food
    11-12 sleep
    12.30 small yoghurt
    1.30 4oz of baby juice
    3-4 sleep
    4.30 pot of dinner
    6.30pm bath and 8 oz milk

    Water in between when he needs it :)

    I dunno if I'm doing it right I'm trying my best as Owens my first baby ! X
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    Jun 30, 2010
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    Hey Shauna :)

    Lacey is about 6 and a half months isn't she?

    Emily has

    6am ish - bottle made up to 8oz but only takes about 5ozs

    7am toast/porridge/cereal

    10am - bottle about 5ozs

    1pm - lunch - jar/mini sandwich/something homemade (just depends) yogurt or fruit

    2.30pm bottle 4 or 5ozs - sometimes I give her this a bit later.

    5pm- dinner with a pudding - yogurt/fruit/jar never made a home made dessert for her.
    I mix TW with finger food. Not sure when to start snacks? Yesterday she had some strawberries with me while I was cleaning the kitchen,

    Naps I'm not sure about Hun. Emily has been waking very early for weeks but she'll nap just after her second bottle in the morning for an hour or a bit more. She also naps about the same length of time in the afternoon. Do you put Lacey into her cot for naps? I've found that's the best way to get her to sleep.

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    Well HELLO Shauna! Sorry to hijack your thread but just wanted to say hi and ask how you're doing?

    My LO is about 1 month younger than Lacey and I've began weaning her again so milk and meals seem all haphazard at the mo.

    Morning bottle is 210mls
    Mid morning is 210 mls bottle and half a jar of organix no junk puree dinner
    Noon-ish to early afternoon is 210 mls bottle and half a pot of organix no junk fruit
    Late afternoon to early evening 210 mls bottle
    Evening 210 mls bottle

    I do give some juice too just so as she doesn't get constipated and this has no set time. I'm worried that her milk intake will suffer with weaning as she might leave about 50mls of her bottles at times...but we are just trying out weaning at the moment and trying to find a way of keeping her milk intake up. So I might decrease amount of food she as to less but at end of bottles...maybe just a few spoons at a time. Not much help to you eh :lol:

    I really can't advise you on naps hun cos my LO is all over the place there :wall2:

    Hope alls good with you and Lacey. x
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