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    Please help. I'm due back at work on 2nd Jan but my partner works full time at the same place I do. He works 6-2 and 2-10 alternative. I did work 6-2 but obviously I can't do that any more so I've been looking at childcare and I can only get it between 8 and 6 so I'm gonna have to do 2-6. But it's gonna cost me a fortune for 20 hours a week childcare and to be honest I don't wanna leave my baby in a strangers care, I think he's too little to be away from his mum.
    I can get family tax but only going on last years wage when obviously we were getting double the amount that we are now. And we entitled to less than £520 a year! Great eh?!! I've been told I can't get jobseekers allowance cos I aint gonna be looking for a job so does anyone know if there's any thing else I can do aside from leaving Reece with strangers and probably spending more than the £98 pound I'll earn at work?

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