What A Weekend!!


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May 27, 2005
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Hi all, just thought I'd give you an update on my weekend. It's a long one so you will probably need a sleep by the end!!

As you know I was ill the weekend before with the flu and was rushed to hospital but released, nothing could prepare me for the scare that was to come this weekend.

My bfriends brother was up from Glossop, which was nice, and we were due to go out on Sat night, woke up on sat morning, no pain etc and went for a wee, as I turned to pull the flush what a fright I got, I had done a wee which looked like the colour of cranberry juice.

Upset, I went and lay on my bed, mum came through and I asked her if it was normal to have blood in urine during pregnancy, she said no, and didn't expect to see the extent when I showed her. I phoned the ante natal ward crying my eyes out nad they told me to get straight up and pack an over night bag.

I was devastated, on arrival they asked for a specimen and were shocked to see the colour, they asked if i had clots which I did only started tho, and told me that I could be loosing the baby. Just to fill you in I was 23 weeks exactly on Sat, and knew if I had of been 24 they could save the baby.

They put the doppler on and the baby's heart was pounding away, but they told me my placenta could of dropped. I was taken into a little private room and put on a drip, I was an emotional wreck, as I knew at this stage if the baby was dying/dead I would have to give birth to it and it wouldn't be just like a heavy period.

Anyway throughout Sat night the bleeding was still there evertime I done a wee, still had no pain etc. Couldn't get an internal as they thought it would be too dangerous. On Sunday morning the bleeding eventually stopped and I begged to get out of hosp. The Consultant told me that they had no idea where it was coming from and said that I should get an internal today (sun) I did, there was no bleeding coming from the neck of the womb and all looked okay.

Had a scan yesterday to see where the placenta was lying and it was fine and so is the baby. Little terror it is, cause I have had such a rough ride so far.

So now I am awaiting the results of the urine tests I done on Sat, and they still have no idea where it came from. They don't seem to realise how much a worry and strain that the whole bleeding thing is on a pregnant woman.

As I write this I am getting emotional as I thought I was another statistic on Saturday, and realise now, how much I want to be a mummy.

Sorry for the long story, but please if you have any scares at all get to hospital straight away, cause the life that is growing inside you is so precious, and I wouldn't wish miscarriage or scares on anyone.

Big hugs to you all xxxx
Oh you poor thing what an awful time you must have had. The only time I've heard of someone having cranberry coloured wee is when someone I know passed a kidney stone but obviously that was nothing to do with pregnancy.
Take things really easy. Not long until 24 weeks now so try to relax.
Louise x
Sorry to hear about your bad weekend.

Blimey. I have a slight back ache and was moaning about that!

Take a nice rest and put your feet up.

Hope everything is completely back to normal soon.
sorry to hear about your weekend, must have been terible for you :(

you can get very extreme kidney infections which can cause blood in the wee while you are pregnant, fingers crossed its something like that.

Hun, I'm at exactly the same stage as you and I thought I could stop worrying! I hope that you and baby are okay...did you hear the heartbeat? Are you reassured about the baby at least? *HUG* I really feel for you, hun, keep us posted and let us know, won't you?

Sorry to hear you have had such a horrid wkend. Sending Big hugs x x x
Sounds like you had a horrendous time and I hope you are feeling lots better now :( Definately not something that I'd like to go through :(

Sending you lots of hugs and belly rubs

hiya hun so sorry to hear of your awful weekend - i really hope you are feeling better about the whole episode now. I too ended up in hosp on sunday after bleeding (21 weeks) but it turned out to be a kidney infection which after some antibiotics has nearly gone now.

big hugs to you and make sure you get some rest - stress is not good for you or baby

How frightening. Hope everything turns out OK with your test results, and am very glad that baby seems to be doing OK and placenta is fine.

Thanks for all your messages, they do cheer me up. I am a little less stressed out about it all now, and hope that it is something simple.

Hope everyone is taking good care of themselves, and don't get stressed!!

Big hugs to my forum friends ;o) xxxxx

Will let you know the results when I get them xx
I know it may not be but did you by any chance have any beetroot or something similar the day before, all what you described happened to my friend and her urine was blood red too and she panicked but her doctor asked if shed had any beetroot or such and she had the day before. She was well freaked out. Just a thought really. When i was reading your message i thought at the end you would of said thats all it was....he he.
I hope all is well for you though and they do find out one way or another.
Take care
All my love Jacqui. x x x x

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