What a great New Year present!!


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Aug 11, 2005
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Hi everyone. I got my BFP this morning!!!!!! :D :D

AF was due on the 30th and I had done 4 First Response tests and all negative, then today I used a Boots one, and the cross appeared clear as day!!!

I just wanted to say Hi to you all in the first trimester. I'm looking forward to sharing symptoms with you all.

Congrats hunny!

what a great start to the new year

im really pleased for you :D

A Huge congratulations..........wishing you a happy, healthy 9 months!!!!

Amy xx
Congratulations Tankett!!!

That's fantastic news. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
congratulations hunny am over the moon for you what a fab start to the year :D :D :D
hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy xxxxxxxxxxx
Congratulations mate what a great new years present and a fab way to start the new year!!!! :D
Tankett!!! So so pleased for you - what a great start to the year!!!!!!!!

It was so pleased when I read your post. Does this mean you will not be on 'bog roll' watch anymore!??!!!! lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

CONGRATULATIONS - thats great news!

Whens you EDD?

L x
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
(just replied on the buddy thread)

Have you stopped smiling yet?
congratulations again...

such good news - the best i've heard this year... wil you be in the august club?

congrats honey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks everyone for your congratulations. I did an Asda test yesterday, and it was an instant line, no doubt about it now!!!!

I phoned the medical centre this morning, and because I'd seen the posts about other people being disappointed, I told the receptionist, and asked her what I needed to do. Well, she's booked me an appointment with the midwife for Thursday!!! How quick?!?! I'm not expecting much from this appointment, just help with working out my dates. People have told me all sorts - you start from the first day of your last period, or you do that and add 5 days, or 7 days. I don't know what to think?!?!?!?
I found out my due date by adding 40 weeks from the first day of your last period... so your actually 2 weeks pregnant before you concieve... based on ovulation occuring 14 days before your period...

If you type in pregnancy due date orcalculate pregnancy date etc you'll find there are loads of sites that will work it out for you... all they ask you for is the date of your last period (the start date)....

Hope that made sense!

my goodness congratulations, what a way to start New Year.

Heres to a happy healthy and worry free nine months for you and your family and well done again.
Hi Tankett

You may get the same type of 'service' as me seeing as Im in Leicester too. On my first appointment with the midwife she came to the house and gave me a pack with all sorts of bits in including a Maternity Records book and took about 5 bloods and a urine sample - I was expecting them to do their own tests but obviously the shop ones are so realiable nowadays they didnt do any checking that I was actually pregnant!

She also asked me loads of questions regarding my history.D/H history e.g any genetic disorders etc etc.

Since then though I go to the surgery to see midwife though - perhaps they only come once to check the house out!! lol - you had better move them toilet rolls out of the bathroom then!!! - whats happening with that anyway??!!!!

Did you manage to stay off the cigs too?

Anyway enough of that! -really pleased for you!!!!

L x
Thanks Hayley. that is what I have done. The first day of my last period was 29h November, which makes me 5 +1 today. This is so wierd for me because I was 14 weeks pg with my daughter before I found out, so it's strange already being a mum but having to ask daft questions like that!!! Luckily I can always ask you ladies. :D

Lisa, I'm actually going to the gp's surgery for my appointment with the midwife, but I have been told to take a urine sample, so it could be similar to you. Here we go with the history questions again.... I am adopted, and there is no section on the forms for 'Have no bloody idea!!!!'. Although, when we told the in-laws the other day, my FIL asked the question about how many generations does twins skip. I laughed because I thought he was joking, until I saw the guilty look on DH's face. He hadn't bothered to tell me there are twins in his family!! My FIL's grandfather was a twin, and he also had twin sisters. And FIL was a twin until about the 15 week period but unfortunately his twin died in the womb. :( So, if what they say is true, it is skipping a generation in his family. :shock:

Oh, and as for the toilet rolls, the experiment is over unfortunately. I made the mistake of telling my Dad, and then he had too much to drink at his house on Boxing Day, went to the loo, and came down with an empty roll. He asked me if i wanted it for my collection at home!!! Well DH heard him and guessed. He said he'd been wondering why I hadn't moved them!!!! :shock:

Oh, and the cigs have gone for good thanks!!! Still finding it really easy, and I have even more of a reason now. Are you still off them Lisa?

I'm definitely getting symptoms very very early. For the past 3-4 days I've woke up feeling hungry and have to eat. That is not like me at all. I normally get up at 6.30am and don't eat until about 10.30am. This morning, I had a slice of toast before I even got in the shower. And now I feel sick again, just like yesterday. My boobs are killing me and I'm am exhausted constantly. And my trousers are already tight!! I know that you show earlier with your second, but surely not this early. Although it may just be the extra Xmas pounds. :shock: I'm a little worried that my last AF was very short, only 2 days instead of the normal 5, and that maybe I could be further along than 5 weeks. Oh, all this worry!!! I thought once I got my BFP, all the questions would be over!! Little did I know.........
tankett - i felt exactly like you the first few weeks... my stomach seemed to be bloated from early on, i was hungry every 2 hours and felt sick if i didn't eat straight away, my boobs killed me and i was very tired from day one.... but i'm aproaching 10 weeks and my symptoms seem to have disapeared a little. I don't feel sick any more when i'm hungry, last nite i stayed up till 10.30pm... (i get up at 6am - so 10.30 is late to me) usually i'm a sleep by 9/9.30pm... my stomach is quite flat in the morning but by the evening it's popped out.... seems like your symptoms are just right for your stage....

Twins.... i'm a little worried as my mums dad (grandad) was a twin, and my mums uncles are twins... non on DH side of the family thou!


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