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May 18, 2005
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I was looking for some advice please, is it just me or has anyone had like, a little accident since being in the third trimester? I drink los of water daily and wee lots to make up for it! but tonight although i had two wee's pretty close together i was horrified to n otice a wet stain in the gusset of my trousers. Luckily they were quite dark anyway, butif you were looking for it you could see a biggish wet patch. this hasn't happened to me before, and i just wondered is it something i have to get used to for the next 9 weeks? if so how do you prevent it? i've came straight home, i was so embarrassed! :oops:

Thanks girls

Do not worry Pink. It happens. You can wear panty liner to avoid getting your pants wet. Since the baby is grown, it gives pressure on your bladder and so without our knowledge these accidents happen. Pretty soon you will have your lil in your hand. Take care.
hey, i wouldnt worry bout it. i have dun it a couple of times and i just went n bought pantyliners too. baby had been head down since 20 weeks (apart from the odd sumersalt!) so theres been alot of pressure for a while. his shoulder tends to dig in my bladder making me feel like im desperate to go when ive only just been. kinda like the same feeling as having a water infection.
my OH is very supportive and understands its a common thing in pregnancy, (although he did find it amuzing the 1st time because i was sooooo morftified...i'd sneezed!) he doesnt really metion it and understands if i say i need to go then he better find me a toilet!! :D
This happened to me for the first time today as well :cry: I laughed then felt it come out so was able to stop any more from coming out (sorry if that seems too vague), but I don't understand why it happened in the first place.

I've been doing pelvic floor exercises regularly and I thought that would stop this sort of thing.

unfortunatly not... soz hun. aparently it probably the only thing to do with pregnancy that most people dont like talking about so it always seems like it only happenes to you, but when ive admitted it to preg women they have said it happened to them too, its just no one likes to admit it! :oops:
i found tena lady (and the pants at night) helped. and also there handy if your waters break before labour. cos its not like in films when it all comes at once. it keeps coming. which baffled me a little,
also if you have a lot of bleeding after the birth theyre more absorbant than thick pads.
Hiya Pink Lady

Its definately more common than you probably realise. Im ok until I have a sneezing bout, which has been rather frequent as this year for the first time I have got Hayfever !!!

Only suggestion that has already been mentioned is wear a light pad and make sure you dont end up bursting to go. Dont stop the drinking though cos its really good for you.

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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