well temps went down af will arrive soon back to square 1


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Nov 30, 2005
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21 months now and my doctors appointment is next friday i dont know what to say to her though. can anybody advise me on what kind of things happen? i am 19 but 21 months isnt a normal amount of time to keep trying for is it? i am just curious on what i should say because as far as i am concerned everything is ok with me i was on depo provera 21 months ago and i have a healthy diet and i am definatly ovulating i am just hoping its not my fella because he hates the doctor.
Hi rachypoo

I went to the docs earlier this month for the same reason. The first thing they do is send you for a blood test on day 21 to check your hormone levels to confirm that you are ovulating.

Also, OH has to have his test done on little swimmers. Thankfully they can do it at home, but need to have 3 days abstinence beforehand. My OH is doing his tomorrow.

I took all my charts with me to the docs and she had a good look at them so that was worth doing. It proved to her that we were taking it seriously and also that we knew something about what we are talking about it.

We have to go back to see her after we've both got our results. Mine came back normal, so we are just waiting for OH results before we can do that. She said that they would then refer us to specialists after that and knowing results would determine where. Likely next step for me is a little op to check whether tubes are blocked or not.

Is OH going with you?

Good luck for Friday. There are a couple of us going through this at the mo, so you'll always get support on here.

my df is not going with me hes got a different doctor but he'l be going to see his. i am really nervous the thing is my af hasnt come at all my temps went down yesterday just under the coverline but my period just hasnt arived i was cramping a little yesterday but thats it. i am 3 days late but havnt taken a test i think i am 13dpo but im always regular. i hope this is it i havnt taken my temp today i just wanted to see what happens

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