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Discussion in 'Growing Up' started by jillybear1587, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Well guys- I have not been on here since 2013!
    I found this forum in 2012 when I fell pregnant unexpectedly and a few weeks in had a miscarriage.

    I then planned a pregnancy and we had Amelia-Jasmine in March 2013.. in fact shes 7 on wednesday!!

    I'm a mother of 2, 6 year old daughter and my son is nearly 10- nearly a high schoolie

    Just wondered if there was a thread on here where you can connect with bump buddies from that time and all have a catch up to see how it's all going?
    Ps also we are in talks for baby number 3...

    Be great to hear from any blasts from the past xxx
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