well had my anti-d injection and 28wk bloods 2day


Jun 14, 2005
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So do you think it would hurt less if you had the injection in your bum? I will get one as well so maybe I try my bum.....oh no. I thought it doesnt hurt.....I dont like injections :roll: [/url][/list][/quote]
The bum is definately less painful!!!
I am also rh -
So I too will be recieving this shot again in a few weeks...I had both my shots in the bum with my 1st son...You will get another one right after birth if the baby is rh - too...So a lil advice...Do the bum hehe
Thanks, it will be difinitely bum....maybe if I dont see it, i will not hurt :lol:
Im today 24wks and 7 days :)

Im getting the injection little bit latter because Im going to Italy after 2 weeks. So holiday first, injection straight after :? (so it will be 29weeks).
I hope its not too late. I've already missed the tripple test as my midwife said dont worry you dont need to come and when I had the next appoitment she said its too late to do anything :x

Most of the research I have read about administering Anti-D injections suggest the best place to give it is in the Deltoid Muscle (this is in the top of your arm). Whenever I've given it to women they have been quite surprised I give it in the are as like you guys have had it in the bum or the leg. The feedback I get is that it was nowhere near as bad as in the leg!!

I don't like giving injections in the bum because you have a giant nerve called the sciatic nerve and my fear is nicking this...some hospitals forbid their nurses/midwives to give injections into the bum for this reason, though i agree it is probably the least painful place to have it.

Kieren :D

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