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Discussion in 'Parenting Journals' started by StirCrazy, Mar 19, 2010.

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    Due to popular demand we are doing away with the old blogging system in favor of forum based journals. Unfortunately the journals were too cumbersome and unintuitive for a lot of members, and took away focus from the forum.

    As of today we have 3 new forums:

    TTC Journals
    Pregnancy Journals
    Parenting Journals

    Feel free to open and manage your own thread. This way everything is in chronological order and you can use the thread to chat to all your friends. All we ask is that you only have 1 (one) thread in each forum, and move on the the next forum as you progress through your journey with us (EG. start a fresh journal in the pregnancy journal forum after getting your positive test).

    We hope these changes will help you meet new forum friends and encourage you to keep a record of your journey while with us :)

    Note: These journal forums are for members only (not viewable by guests).

    What will happen with the old journal I have already started?
    The old system will stay visable for the next few weeks to allow you (if you choose) to copy everything across (if you have a problem with that the drop us a line in the 'Ask A Moderator' forum and we will help you). On the 30th April we will take the old system offline.

    The PF Team
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    Sep 13, 2009
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    Thanks for this :thumbup:

    Hope we can read some lovely journals soon :love:

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