weird dreams anyone?


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May 28, 2005
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I remember reading somewhere, ages ago that as the due date gets closer, we begin to dream of the baby. happen to any of u? Personally, there have been a couple of occasions with a faceless baby in my arms, but last night's dream was weird. Everything was SO clear...... our baby boy seemed to have a disfigured face and soon as he came out I kept whispering to DH to take him away b'coz I did not know how to handle him, but the little disfigured angel, who seemed to be floating around in the air turned to me & I found myself sayin Hello. And he recognized my voice & flew to me, & it it was a lot of love on both sides!
And today, as I feel him kicking around inside, I cant wait to hold him in my arms!!!!!!!! I know! :roll: only yesterday I was posting on this site that Id miss him inside me & here I am 2day being so impatient to hold him!!!!!!
Awwww Hope

Ive had a few dreams too, the last one was that my little baby (not sure whether boy or girl) had blonde whispy hair and was a little podge. I was saying to my husband..."See See I told you he would have hair and not be all thin and long legged"

This is because my husband is always kidding me that this baby will be bald as he was, and yet my other five all had a full head of hair, my last one Beth had to have a hair cut at 2 weeks old..she was born like a little gorilla lol

Ragna xxxxxxxxxx
ive had alot of dreams about the birth lately and not scary ones either suprisingly...
the lastest one was that i went into labour at 36 weeks so i could go to my midwife led unit i had to go to hospital...but when i got there i was so disappointed and stressed that i couldnt have the water birth i wanted they said i could go to the midwife unit and they'd just send a doc to that hosptial to keep an eye on me! i had my water birth and then held a minute version of my OH in my arms! lol very weird but reassuring
i havent but my OH does.... keeps dreaming out baby comes out talking lol

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