Weight Gain in 2nd trimester


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May 17, 2005
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Just wondered if you could share how much weight you have gained so far, I have weighed myself this morning and have only put on 2lbs and am now 17 weeks pg, but have a definate bump, my OH sister is due a month before me and my bumps bigger than hers but she has gained more weight!?
I've put on 4lb so far, it all seems to be belly and boobs. My legs actually seem a bit slimmer, think it's because I don't have much of an appetite.
At my doctors appointment at 14 weeks I had put on 1/2 a stone. Don't know if I have put on any more since.
I have put on 4 pounds so far, which I am really pleased about. I thought I would have put on more than this so far as I wasn't sick at all in the first trimester.

I am very relieved that I haven't been piling it on so far.
I'm still half a stone under pre-pregnancy weight but have a good bump in front of me and can feel kicks, my bum is bigger defintely! And so are my bbs, just that my legs and arms are skinnier. I'm not underweight anymore though which is good. Have I guess put on about 6lb then since being pg!
Well I have put on 1 stone so far, cant believe it!! hoping it isnt going to much more than that, they say about 2 stone is average in pregnancy! oh my god!! thats gonna take some shifting afterwards!

Natalie x :lol:
When they say two stone is average, that doesn't mean that you will be 2 stone over weight after the birth! Most of that will be baby, water, increased blood flow and other birth products.

The normal amount of actual fat you need to lose after birth is about half a stone. I am hoping to not turn into too much of a piglet during this pregnancy to make sure that I only have the half a stone of fat to lose afterwards!
Actually I just realised that you are 23 weeks! a stone is good at that stage! I hope I have only gained a stone at that stage! You're doing really well!
I've put on 9lbs and 23 weeks. I'm paro about that! xxxx
You have to get heavier during pregnancy! If its only nine pounds then you probably haven't put on a single ounce of fat.

You are doing really well! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy yourself!
Thanks hun. I feel a bit more wobbly though as haven't been to the gym since i have been preggers. I'm sure it will be OK after.

I to have put on a stone now.
Hopefully it wont be much more but Im not counting on it. I put on 4 & half stone with my first and my pre pregnancy weight is 8stone both times.
Feeling very bloated as well this time.

I put on more than a stone so far( 8 kgs) and am 20 weeks . I was more than 11 stones(72 kgs for 5foot 5) pre pregnancy but am still putting on the weight. But the weight is concentrated in the belly for most of it, the rest has transformed in cellulite from top to bottom of the legs, :evil: :(
But I guess I cannot change how it will go!!! I have stopped smoking and am in a stressful relationship so i admit sometimes I eat what i should not eat but am trying my best to eat as healthily as I can.
Will go to gym class after my scan, you can only attend after your 2nd scan, which is tomorrow tuesday 2nd of august (will know if it is a boy or a girl :D ) As long as he/she is healthy, i guess it does not matter but when you are already quite a big girl, you don't want to end up at 16 stones after birth!!!!


I know what you mean about feeling more wobbly.

I am used to doing karate and the gym and spinning classes and all I seem to be able to do now is sleep!

So even though I have only put on about four pounds I am starting to become aware of the fact that I am probably losing lots of muscle tone and gaining more flab. :( :( :(

Oh well, I'm off swimming tomorrow night to try to reduce some of the damage. :lol:
I have only put on 2 lb, But thats Ok I was overweight to begin with, so it should mea that I'm loosing alittle excess fat lol
Weighed myself again and I've now put on a good half a stone.

Don't want to put on more than the 2 stone this pregnancy, hoping that I will be able to breastfeed the baby and therefore that will help burn up a few calories when it's born.
Got weighed yesterday and have put on a stone now!!
Still only 8st 7lb. Hoping to put some more weight on soon. Funny thing is I swear I look fatter round my boobs, belly and bum. My legs and arms are the only things which still look normal! How much are you supposed to put on? 2 stone throughout from your pre-preg weight? x
Depending on whether you are underweight, normal weight, or overweight before pregnancy I think you are supposed to put on about 25 to 35 pounds.

I was very slightly overweight before getting pregnant so I am hoping not to put on too much if I can help it.

My weight is now going up by a pound a week which is normal apparently.
I have been lucky so far and do not seem to have got to wobbly, but as im only 5ft if i get to big i look a bit like a weeball!!! oh well as long as both baby and i are happy, then i can look at losing whatever weight i need to after the birth!!

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