Weighed myself today!!


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May 17, 2005
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Well I was brave and decided after weeks of not daring to get back on the scales I would have a look. And to my surprise i havent gained 2 stone yet!! wooooo! So I figure if I keep up this rate then I should be able to stay within my 2 1/2 stone limit. I dont think I can stretch anymore!! I've also finished work now so will be eating better meals since I have all day to prepare them!!
Hi, and well done!

I weighed myself the other day too and Ive only put on 1-2 stones aswell although I know Ive definately lost weight in general anyway.

Feel quite proud of myself!!! :lol:
I'm at 1stone 8 at the moment, but I have xmas to contend with, so I know I haven't finished putting it on yet! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Am I the only one to have put loads on?? I have put 3 stone on already :shock:
Kim said:
Am I the only one to have put loads on?? I have put 3 stone on already :shock:

Nope, last time I weighed I was at approx 3 stone. I did put on 9lb over a fortnight though.

I have a lot of fluid, but a lot of fat has appeared at the tops of my arms and I feel bigger in general. I didn't up until about a week ago, but now I feel whale like. Looking forward to starting that diet!
I thought that i was the only one to put on weight. i have put on 3 stone as well already.

with my first two i put on 4 stone with each of them. it came off quite easily though

Kim, I too am like you, I have put on over 3 stone. Started off b4 pregnancy size 12, at 5ft 11 that is slim, now I am a 20. I know I have put on a lot of weight and have my work cut out for me after the baby, but hey, life's to short to worry about that! xxxx
Glad there are a few of us out there :D

When I went to Parentcraft I was dreading it as I was imagining I'd be the biggest there, but actually everyone apart from 1 girl was around the same size/bigger.

As long as my baby is healthy, my DH loves me and all is well then I don't care! Hell I've got plenty of time to get the weight off!
I've put on about 10lb from pre-preg weight, and 1st10lb from the weight loss at the beginning - not sure which to use! :?
rosieroo said:
I did put on 9lb over a fortnight though.

I put on 8lb in a fortnight, glad it's not just me!!
I put on a stone and a half up until about 36 weeks, now I am 2 1/2 stone heavier pre pregnancy, have to admit I am pigging out. Don't think 2 1/2 stone is too bad though. Think it's all bump, bum and thighs!!!

Em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Really was getting worried when I read most of you have only put on a couple of stone! I put on 4 stone with my son and again this time Ive put on 4 stone! Although its a completely different shaped bump! Wierd eh?
don't worry i will put on at least that much if not more

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