Weaning - less milk at each feed ?

Discussion in 'Weaning' started by Melanie3103, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    My little one is 5months we decided to start weaning 2wks ago and its going really well. We are still on first tastes but after 2wks (1x mini meal per day) he is finishing off the 3x cubes ive prepared (mashed potato puree, carrot puree, or babycereal)...

    Now i know i dont need to drop a feed just yet as he will still get all nutrients and what he needs from milk. But my question is this....

    He used to have 28-30oz throughout day, and he has always slept through (well from 6/8 weeks he has). Since starting weaning he has tapered off to 19-20oz - definitely less interest in milk or hes full the 2 feeds after his solids meal (was told to stgger his solids meal - so we were on 3-4 hourly milk feeds so his solids meal was mdmorning or midafternoon 1.5hours after milk so hes not starving. So he'll then have just 4-5oz in daytime feeds. This dip in milk total throughout the day then ties in with him waking at night. Which he never has. Hes not crying just needs resettling. I dont always give him a feed if i can resettle without. Sometimes just a cuddle and a dummy does it.

    Does anyone else's baby start taking less milk once weaning has started. Maybe he IS getting full from veggies etc.

    The waking could be coincidental timing - as hes teething too. And ive read about a 4mnth sleep regression (just a phase that passes).

    So i dont know... From today im doing him a 2nd meal of solids per day so hopefully that will fill him up. I know their milk does start to tail off but when.... So early ??

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