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Discussion in 'Feeding & Nutrition' started by bizzygirl101, Dec 8, 2007.

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    I have been introdicing solids for nearly 2 weeks as my boy can sit up and was so intersted in what we were eating. He has been really keen so far and i am carefull not to push him. The health visitor said i should now move to two meals a day. My boy is up at 6.00 am, so she said to b/feed him then then give him breakfast at 10.00 then lunch then tea should be a b/feed then a b/feed before bed, i am only now introducing a trainer cup (she said not to bother with bottles now) with boiled water so i am concerned that he wont be getting enough fluids. I do make his purees watery and his baby porridge with my milk. Also he only gets something every four hours, whereas most of my friends have a different routine, where say they have a bottle at 6/7 then breakfast at 9 ten a bottle 11.30 then lunch at 2 etc...
    What sort of pattern do you b/feeding ladies who are weaning or have weaned follow? I dont want to give him 3 meals a day yet as he gets tired in the evening and he isnt 6 months yet and i read (yes i know i should stop reading!) then if you cut out suckling time too quickly when they are young then can go on hunger strike!
    Also i want to be able to b/feed in the morning and evening until he he is around 9 months but i get panicky as it is that my milk will dissapear, please convince me that there will be enough for a morning and evening feed even tho no milk is being used during the day

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    melissa is on 2 or 3 meals a day now, and the daytime BFs hav really cut down. she used to want it all the time but now its only 2 or 3 times a day. but it doesnt appear that my milk is disappearing or anything. i think it gradually reduces, as ur body adjusts to giv ur baby just the right amount.

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