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May 7, 2006
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Did anyone see it tonight?

If you have a BT phoneline and dont pay by direct debit, BT are now going to charge you 4.50 :shock: :shock:

My last bill was 120 pounds!!! That included service charges etc and get this 11 pounds worth of calls made! I only made 11 pounds worth of calls in 3 months and they charged me 120 quid! This isnt just a one off either, we dreed getting the BT bill because it is the same everytime. :(

Heres the website where you can download and print off a letter to send to BT or any other comapny taht is charging you unfairly. ... ters.shtml
thats not on, loads of ppl dont have bank accounts. i know someone who has totally f****d up their credit rating they cant even get a bank accout now.

you should have the choice to pay how you want as long as you pay.

this country is going mad :evil: :evil:
We are with NTL and they charge us extra every month because we don't pay by direct debit, think its about £5.00.
Thanks for link to the letter will look at sending it.
yes i saw it & think its a disgrace.

i pay a monthly plan so the new charge won't affect us but its disgusting for people it will affect :evil:
Im always a little puzzled as to why these big companies/banks etc think they can get away with ripping us off! Well.....because they get away with it is the answer I guess. But with this recent bank charge thing the banks will probably have to rethink how they do things from now on, this must be costing them millions (and quite rightly so!) so its down to us, the consumers, to put our collective foot down and say no!

*ooooops, falls off soapbox and bangs head*
Its out of order, as long as the greedy b*stards get their money they should be happy!

Opps sorry bit of a rant there!

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