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May 2, 2005
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Is it me?......... When you have a midwife or hospital appointment in the afternoon- why does the morning drag?
I love midwife appointment, listening to baby's heartbeat and finding out if there is any progress etc.. but the mornings always drag.

Our midiwfe appointments are only 1-4pm and hospital ones are always 1.30 onwards so i couldn't even ask for morning ones.

I have an appointment at the hospitla for a growth scan and to see the consultant afterwards and it's not til 1.50 but today has gone so slow!!!

Sorry i'll shut up now!! Lol
i know what you mean. my consultant only has appointments after 2. so i had to wait until 2 last thursday to get my section date. talk about anticipation. midwife is fine, i get appointments at 8.45

how did your scan go amy's mum?

i just got back from my midwifes, she said hes dropped dow further now im my pelvis, she can only feel 2/5 or something.

she thinks i have had my show, my urine sample was a bit thick too which sugests it.

she is so sure i am going to have him within the next week that she didnt book me in for next week, instead shes booked to see me in 2 weeks time lol

hope shes right
Hi Layla,

Baby is about 7lb already!!! Aaggh :shock:

My urine had a trace of protein, a trace of lucozites, a trace or glucose and a slight bit of blood.
She said the blood is probably cos i had my show, so they took blood to test for diabetes and sent my urine sample off again to check for infection.

Got Period pains again today!! why do i keep getting them and nothing coming of them. GGGRRRR

Getting really really fed up now :(
your meant to farst for a diabeties test arnt you? they made me farst for a few hours before my blood test.

7lb is a good size, was your scan to see if the baby was big or small, i cant remember?

Coby was 8lbs at my last scan :shock:
They thought it was a small baby!!

Yeah right!

Well all i have to do now is sit and wait for labour to start if i have had my show.
I even had "cuddles" last night!! Still didn't work :(
the more cuddles you have the softer your cervix becomes so i heard, so keep trying, it should work sooner or later :)
I struggled doing it last night!!! it was so uncomfy :(

Have you had any niggles or anything? i just wish it would start into labour or go away, the constant aching is really annoying and getting me down now.
braxon hicks and peroid pains/aches, but thats about it.

been having lots of cuddles so will prob have more tonight. hopefuly it will start doing something soon
Do you not feel down? I feel worse now i have had the show, i know it could be weeks yet but i am hoping it will be over the next few days.

I am making myself worse with all the hoping but i have really had enough of being pregnant and want it over with!!

God how sorry for myself do i sound! Lol :D
not feeling to down at the mo, i know its still early and i could have 3 weeks left.

but from what the midwife said and how i have been feeling i really think i have 2 weeks max left to wait, i just keep tellingmyself that 2 weeks isnt that long really and that i had charlie and ethan at 39 weeks so fingers crossed it will happen that way again.

im starting to get annoyed and huffy about the achy ribs in the mornings and not being able to get comfy in the nights, and not being able to breath is really peeing me off, i tried putting make up on yesterday and had to stop half way thought coz i couldnt breathe lol.

i think if i get to 39 weeks and nothing has happend then i will feel down
Oh it must just be me being stupid, i don't know why i am feeling so low, but i know i haven't enjoyed pregnancy one bit this time.

Like everyone keeps saying, it will come when it's ready!!
sorry to but in. but im sooooooooooooooooo jelous of you 2. i want to be 38 weeks pregnant again. awwww i can still remeber them ever lasting dragging days, they are great.

good luck
lol Elaine

i will remind you of what you just posted when you reach 38 weeks again.

yeah i love this stage, altho i hate waiting its so exciting!

its still a little early for me yet, there are others due before me but just knowing it could possibly be any time now is great.

every twinge or feeling im questioning. on my last 2 my waters were the first to go, in the middle of the night, so im hoping it will be the same again this time.

i go to bed thinking, is this going to be the night? lol

i think it will be in the first week of jan for me tho

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