Vitex Agnus Castus What dosage??

Discussion in 'Long Term TTC & Fertility Issues' started by Nice, Apr 20, 2016.

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    Hi ladies!

    I am ttc and have decided to try Agnus Castus for the first time this cycle, bc I've read so many good things about it. I got a pack from Holland & Barrett. To my surprise it says on the box that each tablet contains 4mg of the herb and is to be taken once daily. While I've been reading that other ladies are taking 500mg or even 1000mg daily. :shock: I don't understand! What dose should I be taking? Is this 4mg going to have any effect at all?
    It also says on the box that you shouldn't take this if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. I'm really confused!

    Can anyone help me out here? Doctor hadn't even heard of it and said we don't recommend herbal.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Jan 22, 2013
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    I took 1000mg. All the supplements I've looked at from H&B have had very low doses. I got mine from Amazon.

    It didn't do much for me, I took it for about 6 months. My cycles did shorten the first couple of months and then they went erratic again so I stopped taking it.

    All supplements say not suitable for pregnancy/ttc. This is because they are not tested on these user groups and therefore they don't have the data to say it is suitable.

    Doctors are next to useless if you mention alternative therapies (most doctors anyway).

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