Vital statistics. Why did I bother?!?!?!


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Aug 11, 2005
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Being 10 weeks today, I had a mad moment in my sleep deprived night, and decided to check my vital statistics.

Pre-pregnancy, I was 36-28-38

At 4.05am today, I was 38-37-40 :shock: :shock: :shock:

9 inches on my waist!!! What waist?!?!?!
LOL :eek: :eek: :lol: :lol:

Oh Tankett... its normal I am afraid.. I have not weighed myself and am certainly not going to measure myself NOW!! Just posted a reply on other thread ["Bras"] Lisa and I were laughing about this subject.. very scary how large we feel so early on !!!!

Don't worry.. I am sure you will get your super figure back soon after the little bean enter the world!!

good luck this afternoon xxx
you make me laugh... i did the same!!! for some unknow reason!!!

before pregnancy
bust - 36
waist - 29
hips - 36

15 weeks later
bust - 40
waist - 32.5
hips - 38

I've gone from a D cup to an E... my DD's are still fitting but i know this wont last more than a week!!!

You're all crazy! I just couldn't do it as the knowledge that my waist has deserted me is depressing me enough.
I took my measurements early on too, I need to take them again to see how much I've grown.

One bit I know STILL hasn't grown - my boobs!!! :(
Blimey 9 inches on your waist Tankett!! you must be having triplets.

Im now 36weeks and 4 days and my waist is 39 inches! hehe It was 30 inches pre pregnancy.
Blimey - I think I may have made a mistake with mine then!!! (she says with everything crossed!!!!)

I'm going to check again tonight when I'm a little more awake!!!

Well after all that talk of not needing maternity clothes yet I tried to put on a pair of size 14 trousers which last week were still loose on me and I can barely do them up.. mortified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well mine are bad too everyone just got the guts to measure :oops:
pre pregnancy - 38 - 35 - 40
now - 40 - 44 - 44
ouch :oops: 2 on bust 9 on waist and 4 on hips and still got 15 and half weeks to go god help me xxxxxx
Well I've finally remembered to measure again when I'm more awake, and my measurements are not quite as bad as I thought.

They are 38-34-40

No idea where I got the 37 inches waist from!!! :shock: But it was the middle of the night when I had this mad idea!!!!
You guys are just torturing yourselves with all this measuring!!!!

I know I have gained loads cos I look like a barrell with a pot belly!!! No way am I going depress myself further by actually measuring it all !! YIKES!! :shock:

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