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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Pansy, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    OK I am kinda freaking out...It gets kind of TMI here...Me and my OH had sex and he did his thing in me...I used the bathroom right away and cleaned up and stuff...Laid down to watch tv...Like 10 minutes later I got the most painful BHC ever...It seemed to last forever and almost had me in tears...I couldnt even talk...Well I tried to roll over to see if I could alleviate the pain and I had a gush...So I freaked and jumped up and went to go to the restroom...I think it was just urine...I was still having the contraction even while going #1...Well I laid back down and the contraction finally ended...I then had several BHC's after that...I know it was more than 4 in an hour...But I hate hospitals and I don't want to go in...But I keep telling myself if I have even one more that painful I am going to go...The other BHC's were not painful at all...Just uncomfortable...So my questions are...
    1. I have read that having sex and semen can aggravate the cervix...But I think I also read that the cervix has to be ripe and ready to go to cause actual contractions...But I am really confused about this and may be wrong...I am sure it was the semen or the sex or both that caused the contraction but should I still be worried about it?
    2. I am worried about what can and cannot cause change in the cervix...I can't exactly word this question here...I guess what I am asking is,is it possible that maybe I am thinning out or effaced or dialating or something since the contraction was SO painful? Or do you have to have a lot of them to cause a change?
    3. 2 days ago I was crampy all day but yesterday I was fine for the most part...Do you think this is linked?
    4. I usually try to empty my bladder before having sex but this time I didn't...Maybe having sex on a full bladder caused all the pain?
    I am just really worried now and soooo confused...Please help!!
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    Feb 6, 2005
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    Just to pre-warn you I don't have any magical answers unfortunately but...
    I really think you need to be contacting your midwife, I know thats a really boring/predictable/not particularly helpful answer, but I am sure she will have heard it before a million times, it won't freak her out no matter how graphic you are with your details - they are there to help and put your mind at ease, please give them a call and hopefully she'll be able to reassure you that everything is cool.
    I do feel for you, I know that every single pain right now is a worry. Please please phone your midwife right now don't be embarrassed, and let us know how you get on.
    Good luck xx
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    Apr 18, 2005
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    hey pansy. i stopped having sex a couple of weeks ago coz the initial contraction when i orgasmed was so intense it really hurt. my midwife told me that normally (when ur not preg) ur uterus contracts when u orgasm n thats what gets the erm.... juices flowing shall we say! so when the baby is really big and theres not much room that contraction arounf the baby is really strong. and my belly normally stays rock hard for a out 10 mins. poor bub cant move a muscle in there when it happens coz there is juts no leway or space to! i wouldnt worry too much but if u did have a gush have u still got a litle leak now? if not then yes u prob did pee yourself i had an insident like that in the bath n paniced! turned out i'd only peed myself :oops: very embarresing. hope your ok.

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