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Jun 14, 2005
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My name is sarah. I'm 29 and I'm pregnant with my first baby. YIKES! :shock:

It was planned for ages and we managed to conceive on our honeymoon five weeks ago! :D

Getting our heads round it has proved more difficult though, with all the strange little twinges and worries that seem to send me heading straight under the duvet, like a scared little kitten, though I am sure this is pretty normal.

I am due on 28th January, and would love to meet you all, no matter what stage you are at.

So far I have only had nausea which I seem to be controlling ok with eating little and often.

I have had quite a bit of painful trapped wind, which has annoyed me a bit (sorry about the detail).

Anyway, can't wait to meet you all

Talk soon
Hiya - welcomed you on another post but shall welcome you officially again! You will be due around the same time as me :D Think my currect date 26th Jan, but it was the 28th. It will probably change again on the 12 week scan though!

Don't worry about twinges, it's your body growing and everything is changing down there. You're baby will probably be about as big as mine now, roughly 1.5cm. Well my LMP was the 20th April, so I conceived on 5th May making me 8 weeks today by my last scan :D

Our babies already have beating hearts and have done for at least a week now!!

I'm so excited!! I bet you are too :D

Our dates seem to be a bit different. I gave up the pill a year ago and was taking my temperatures as a method of birth control.

My temperature went up through the roof on the 12th may, so thats when I am sure I conceived. I had certainly been getting lots of fertile fluid in the days leading up to it, so I am sure I conceived then.

But the doctors dates are wierd aren't they? They seem to take it from the last period, but I am just going with the flow with the due date thing. I'll wait and see what happens at the scan. Really looking forward to that.

I felt quite knowledgeable about the conceiving bit, but the pregnancy bit has knocked me sideways! It happened so quick! and I have been pretty clueless really about the little twinges and niggles, but I am starting to get used to the strange feelings and sore boobs!

Tell me more about what you have experienced so far!
actually did you mean the 5th may? not the 5th june? i got confused with the eight weeks thing? I am easily confused with this preganany thing :D
I got married on the 6th may. what an interesting year I am having!
Sorry yes I did mean the 5th of May!!! Sorry changed it now to make sense! When was your LMP? Your due date will be minus 3 months and add 7 days, then add a year. eg, Mine is LMP 20th Apr, minus 3 months = 20th Jan, add 7 days which made 27th Jan, then next year is 2006. But after last scan (I've had to have 2 already because of problems) I have got the date on the 26th Jan. Not that it matters, it will probably be late being my first to carry to full term!

(Actually Ive just checked and my dates say I'm 40 weeks on 24th Jan!). Who knows lol.

I've been getting all the sypmtoms in the book I think, sore boobs, had to buy 2 new bra's already because of sizes gone up by two cups :shock: (was only small to start with though), nausea, been sick twice, brushing my teeth makes me feel sick too, gone off milk and most dairy except youghurts (which is handy coz we need calcium!). What else? Travel sickness is the latest one. Can only stomach toast. has chicken pie and chips yesterday and that didn't settle well at all. Went to bed a couple hours later still feeling rotten. Cravings already, toast, toast and more toast, fruit juice, black tea, and was craving pickles to but that's gone already and now can't stand them! Can't fit in my normal trousers, walking round with bottoms undone all the time or safety pins holding them together! So bloated. oh, and I had constipation the first couped of weeks :oops:

How about you?
my LMP was the 23rd April, so our dates are very close. How exciting!

I was having trouble getting excited with all these strange sensations making me worried, but now I have spoken to you I feel really excited!

My boobs have got bigger Yippee! However my mum and husband spotted that my left is bigger than the right, and I am inclined to agree, but I think it is quite funny. I am so glad I am not a teenager anymore, I would be really paranoid!

Before I got pregnant I was a 'eat little and often' person and this seems to be helping me with my nausea. I have gone off chocolate and jacket potatoes and haven't particularly had any cravings yet. Strange about the jacket potatoes. I can't stand the smell of them cooking, but still seem to like coffee and spicy food which I am supposed to go off!

Its a strange world pregnancy!
I am also already out of my work trousers. Something I wasn't expecting! I am so bloated already. I expected to stay the same size for the first 12 weeks and then start growing. Wrong!

Might have to indulge in a pair of proper maternity trousers for work. Didn't want to have to do this so early as I really wanted to wait for the first twelve weeks to be up
It definately is a very strange world this pregnancy malarky!

Yeah I dont like the smell of anything cooking really (apart from toast!) :lol:

What don't you try some drawstring trousers for work? they you can loosen them a bit? I got some nice linen ones from Tesco's of all places and they are so comfy!
:D Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say hello because my name is also Sarah, and I am also 29 and I am also due on or around the 28th January!! (my LMP was 22 April)

Congratulations on your wedding, I did my pregnancy test on the 25th May which was our fourth wedding anniversary, so that was a lovely present for both of us.

this is our first baby too and I am excited, nervous, terrified to name only a few emotions I have been having, I have been feeling pretty rough and going off loads of my favourite foods.

Anyway, stay in touch and it will be good to keep each other company over the next few months. Have you told anyone by the way? We are planing to start telling this weekend.

love Sarah xx
HI Sarah! Its interesting that our stories are so similar! :lol:

Wow, its lovely to meet some new people in exactly the same boat as me.

I feel a lot more settled and excited about the whole thing now that I have met some people going through it right now!

I have only told a few people in real life and they went through it such a long time ago they have forgotten about all the details.

Its lovely to meet you all :D
I'm glad you like us :lol:

Good luck with your pregnancy and i look forward to reading your posts :D

But I think it can't be that long as I don't have most of what you are talking about. My breasts have been sore a couple of days, but boyf said they weren't any bigger - not that he was really looking - and I don't have any probs with jean size etc.
Everyone gets different things hun - don't worry about what you feel unles it's really not right. I'm finally eating and the sicknesshas gone today - maybe it's gone for good? Not everyone hads it for 12 weeks, it's just a guessing game hun.

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