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Apr 25, 2005
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Feeling very down today....

since yesterday, I am producing hardly any milk. I spent 40 minutes expressing 10 ml of milk. Thomas is asking for food every 5 minutes, is screaming his head off and we had hardly any sleep at all last night he was screaming... Same this morning, he spent 2 hours on my breasts, 5 min later, was asking for food.

This is stressing my partner a lot and as a result I am stressed too. He does not want the child to be topped up with formula milk and I agree with him but when he screams it is horrible!!!! When he latches on my breast, it kills as well. His blocked up nose is really bad and is not getting any better. Am not giving him any drops because his nose is all red from them.

So I am feeling down and crap as a mother because I am not even able to produce enough milk for Thomas. He has finally settled down 10 min ago, do not know for how long though.

I phoned my H/V, she is coming tomorrow to check him out.
Hey {{{{Hugs}}}}

I felt like this last week and have just been in a panic as I've fed Ella and put her down and started trying to express for tonight's feeds and could only get an oz out. Have decided to have a nice relaxing bath for 10 mins to try and get things producing as I find when I am uptight I produce less. Last week I found out that if Ella only latched onto my nipple end bit not only was it really sore, but she wouldn't get as much milk as she wasn't stimulating the back bit of the nipple to let down (if that makes any sense) so she was quite happily tugging away for over an hour and was still hungry.

I know that my post probably hasn't helped at all but I just wanted you to know you aren't the only one in this position. I know myself how lonely it can feel when you don't feel like you are producing, so hugs to you and I hope that the HV can help you tomorrow

Feeling so sorry for you futuremum...
I've also found that Oscar want's to feed constantly this week. Don't know if it's just a growth spurt. Have been feeding him every 2 hours during the day and it has helped with the milk supply. Expressing is useless as I potter along for 15 minutes to get 1 oz only. Don't think there's a shortage, but still - frustrating!
Rosieroo might have a point about latching. Ask you MW about it. It's such a stress the first weeks with new baby and BF.
Let us know how you get on - looks like we're all going through the same thing!
Big hugs
Emilia xx
I'm right with you all as well. Seren constantly demands food and it really gets me down. She has thrush in her mouth and I think that contributes to my sore nipples so we both have medicines. I seem to satisfy her food demands during the day but the evening is the worse as she cluster feeds and no matter how much I feed her she is still hungrey so we give her a bottle of formula. I don't like doing that, would love to exclusively breast feed but I have to do ewhat is best for me and my nipples as they get so sore. I was told yesterday by HV it is normal to have small amounts when expressing and she recommended to me that as Seren is on one boob, I should express the other as the let down reflex is there. Good luck hun, this breast feeding lark is so tricky, every day I say I want to give up!!

I sympathise with you all. I had this problem....Jack was feeding for 2 hours at a time and not settling, wanting more. In the end I found out I was not producing enough milk, and had to start topping up with formula. Both my partner and I were not keen on this but expressing wasn't an option as it took so long to get anything.

We started topping Jack up with formula and it really has helped. We have put him onto a better digesting one today (omneo comfort) as he was getting a lot of wind.
It really has helped though as not only is he settling better, it gives me time to express more to increase my flow. It has also helped to establish some kind of a routine.
Im hoping to be able to express enough so that I can eventually top up with stored breast milk.

I understand about you not using formula but a happy baby is better than a hungry baby.

Its also worth investing in a good breast pump. I had a hand pump to start with ......useless.
We invested in an 'ameda lacteline' which is an electric double pump and a 'medela' travel pump which is either mains or battery operated.
They are really good and have made loads of difference to my flow!

Hope this helps....good luck! x
this happened to me after 2 weks and i had to go onto bottle feeding braydon - i wish that i could have carried on - have u thought about giving him a morning and nite time on the breast and the rest of bottle thats wot my HV suggested to me but sadley i still didnt have enough milk worth a try tho
Don't always use expressing as an idea of how much milk you are producing as expressing isn't as efficent as a baby suckling.
if i express i usually get 2 oz but my son is almost 5 months now. the best time to express is in the morning when your breasts are full. try to relax as being tense will only reduce the let down. eat well and drink plenty of fluids.
If you can and if there is one near you go to a breat feed support group i found mine invaluable and a great place to meet other mums. this might be of help but is gloucestre based but there should be some groups in your area

I managed to get some milk by the end of the day last night and Thomas was so tired he drank from the breasts only and went off to sleep at 00.30 :)

Today he is eating from the breast which is slightly engorged and the H/V came in, weight him and he is putting on normal weight so it is reassuring!!!

Apparently it is normal that sometimes the milk is not there and that is why baby is asking for so many feeds, to build up the milk supply. They are clever little things those babies :wink:

however, when it happens and your partner is stressing you about it, you feel like s*** and it does not help the flow as you are really stressed!!!

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