Very Faint positive??? Help!!!


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Apr 17, 2005
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Ok so I got my period 2 days early this month and I believe that I had implantation bleeding last month so I went and I got a clear blue test and there is 1 really dark line and the other line is very very faint!! could this mean I am pregnant?????? :D Has this happened to anyone before?
a positive no matter how faint is a positive. congrats.
That's what I wanna here!!!! :D Thank you!!!
Yes congratulations :D

Just to say it again. You can get a false negative, but not a false positive :D
Hi Ree!
YES it's a BFP. Congratulations... It does not matter how faint, It's means that your body has released the pregnancy hormone. Heyy!

Gud Luck with you pregnancy!
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
even tho i started bleeding yesterday and have cramps?? the line is really light????
Hey Ree!

Bleeding can mean all sorts of things.. How bad are these cramps, What colour Is the blood??
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
bleeding is not real heavy but the cramps are pretty uncomfortable woke me up a couple of times through out the night. maybe it's not really a positive???
A pposotive is a posotive. There is no wrong about it... I would advise with the cramps and the bleeding that you go to the doctors and he will check you over. I am sure that will ease your mind.
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Thank you very much for your advice!!! im gonna try to get in there
That's Ok Ree, As long as you keep us posted and let us all know how you get on.
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Will do and keep your fingers crossed that I really do see a second line and that im not nuts and that all is ok! :?
Congrats Ree!!! Good luck and I'm sure the bleeding isn't anything drastic. Congrats on the baby!!
Congrats Ree!!! Good luck and I'm sure the bleeding isn't anything drastic. Congrats on the baby!!
I went and got another test and it was negative!! :? Either it was a false negative or Im miscarring :cry: Thank you all for your nice thoughts and wish me luck!
ooppsss I meant a false positive or I am miscarring :oops: b

I did 5 tests in all the first 2 came up negative, the 3rd came up a super dooper light positive, the 4th came up negative and the last was a definate BFP!!

Some tests are more sensitive than others as i have found out, the early tests came up positive which are super sensitive and the negatives were clear blue.

i'm off to the doctors next week to double check, hopefully the latter was right!

good luck
I hope you are!!!! :D The one that was super dooper light was the clear blue the second one I took was First Response the one that you can test 5 days earlier now. So I don't know I know im more confused then ever tho!! I'm gonna wait a few days then test again. I never had a test where it was a faint positive I mean REALLY faint and then tested again and it was negative. Someone also said that the negative one could have been because it was diluted urine (goin to bathroom all morning then testing in afternoon) so who knows I sure do hope I am!!! :D [/i]
Hi Ree77!

I ams orry to dissapoint you but I bought 2 1st resonse tests last week and I was 10 wks pregnant and they were really faint you could nit hardlies see the line,,, I think they are crap... Then 3 days later i bought a clear blue and with out a doubt it was bfp...

I think the 1st respnse tests are horrible. Stick with clear blue... I hope everything goes ok!

Love Danielle and Bubble xx

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