VERY cheap HPT's & OPK's - £7.99 for 12!!!!


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May 11, 2005
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I am new to this forum so this may have been posted before, so sorry if I am repeating myself.

I have found a web site where you can get very cheap ovulation and pregnancy tests. They are very lovely people too (I have been using them for a while!!), and nice to deal with. Everything is sent out asap and they are very good profesional tests.

It's saving me a fortune as I am one of these people who test all the time when I shouldn't really!!

Here is the link:

Good luck xx
Just wanted to bring this back to the top as there seem to be so many people still talking of buying clear blue, first response must be breaking the bank!!

their prices are:

12 x HPT - £7.99
12 x OPK - £8.49

There is no P&P either, and you can have from 3 up up as many as you want.

I must sound like I am really plugging them, I have just found them very good tests (the HPT detect 10mlU/hCG which is very low), and very nice people to deal with, and I cannot bear to think of you all spending so much when there is no need.

Much love
Hi Kerry,

Thanks for the tip - I have recently purchased some of the pregnancy tests - they seem too good to be true at 99p each for a very sensitive early detection test! I was just wondering if you have found them to be reliable? I know it sounds daft but because they come with very little packaging etc I am a bit sceptical! The reason I ask is that I have been using a fertility monitor since coming off the pill as it threw everything completely out. I ovulated 2 weeks ago today so I did a test and it came back with a very faint line!!!!!!! I then did another three. According to these tests I am PG!!!!!! This is great news as I've been TTC since October so I am over the moon but don't want to get too excited unless they are faulty or something.........!

Good luck with your efforts and thanks again for the tip.


A false possitive is very unlikely, any sort of line is a line!!

I have not yet had a BFP, but I have been using their ovulation sticks and they are very reliable as they always show me as ovulating when I had worked out I would be.

I think the reason there is little packaging is that they are professional tests that would normally be used at the GP or hospital and they would buy them in their hundreds.

Take another test in a few days maybe, but it sure sounds as thought the baby dust has come your way so CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Keep us posted, lots of love
Thanks for that - I am sure you are right. I have been out and bought a couple of tests from Tescos - I coudn't resist doing one this afternoon as I'd convinced myself that the other tests were giving false results. It was extremely faint - not surprising as I don't think my period is due till actually tomorrow but - nonetheless there was a dot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo eggsquitted! Although as other people have posted on this forum - the joy of finally getting the BFP is replaced with whole host of other worries - it's almost too early to start getting excited as it's a long ole' road till the baby arrives safely.

Good luck to you - I'm sure your time will come, people said that to me but I never believed it but it does happen. LOL

Hi everyone,

I am speaking from experience.
On the day AF was due i did a clear blue,it came back negative, then i did a first response and that came back negative. i left it til i was 4 days late and dida cheap test called " on-call" it was £2.99 and it came back BFP so to double check i sent my partner to Asda to get another one thinking he would come back with a clear blue- but he didn't, he came back with a double pack of Asda's own tests which were £5.99 for 2!!! i was very worried that they were not going to work but they came up as positives, so from my experience cheaper tests are more effective. i'm 7 weeks pregnant!!

:D :D :D :D :D

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